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5 reasons to outsource end user managed services

Managed service providers are organisations that specialise in supporting the IT infrastructure of businesses. Their primary focus is to maintain and safeguard IT infrastructure, both physical and digital. End user managed services provide businesses with IT support for their staff. Outsourcing this mammoth operation has many benefits. Here are five.

  1. Reliability and assurance

Handing over the responsibility of IT support to experienced and certified staff who have seen it all gives businesses the confidence and assurance that they are in good hands. Staff feel they are well supported should the unthinkable happen. End user managed services have IT staff and resources available to businesses 24 x 7, with offices around the world. This increases productivity and reliability. Business processes run smoother when there is a dedicated outsourced team ready to deal with anything.

  1. Conserve time

In this ever-changing, complex world, the demands on business have increased dramatically. Customers expect more for less. They expect, at the very least, what they were getting before the pandemic. Yet the man-power resources required to deliver that same level of service has been altered. Businesses must operate with contingency plans that may need to be implemented with a days’ notice. Time has become a precious commodity. End user managed services provide businesses with the gift of time. Staff can get quick and efficient IT support to get on with their job. This frees up resources so staff can focus on core services.

  1. Reduce staffing costs

Setting up an in-house IT team to cater for all IT needs is resource-intensive and costly. By outsourcing end user managed services businesses eliminate the need for in-house IT support staff. Managed services work with the business to strike the right balance of inhouse and outsourced IT staff, catering to the needs of each unique business. Businesses are paying for the IT support they use when they need it as opposed to having idle IT staff in-house.

  1. Pro-active IT support

The IT teams within outsourced managed services have a wealth of knowledge and experience. They can study each business and understand their unique vulnerabilities. By doing this, they can pre-empt possible problems that may occur down the line. They are able to monitor IT infrastructure and put the correct IT practices in place as a precautionary measure, stopping problems before they occur. This leads to less downtime. Business staff are not needing to reach out to IT support as often. They can focus on their work. Security is the livelihood of managed service providers. It is their job to provide the best of the best to keep their clients happy.

  1. Supports business growth

With IT support managed externally, businesses are free to focus on what’s important: growth. Time and money saved due to outsourcing can be invested into expanding the business brand. A reliable business is a happier business. Outsourcing end user managed services allows for a smoother running business. Customers are more likely to engage with businesses they can rely on and trust.

Deciding on whether end user managed services is right for your business? Contact INTELLIWORX today for a chat on how they can help you.


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