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Empowering Remote Work: A Case Study in IT Infrastructure Transformation

Our client, a large Australian Financial Services Group, faced several challenges that demanded a thorough re-evaluation and strategic transformation of their Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.

The Business Need

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, the imperatives included: 

  • Enabling Remote Work and Third-Party Collaboration: Ensuring seamless work operations for remote employees and external service providers. 
  • Streamlined Device Management and Standardised Profiles: Implementing simplified device management and standardised user profiles to enhance operational efficiency. 
  • Secure and Policy-Driven Device Lockdowns: Enforcing robust security measures through policy-based lockdowns on devices to mitigate potential risks. 
  • Data Sovereignty and Governance/Compliance Adherence: Maintaining compliance with data sovereignty regulations and governance/compliance standards applicable to the financial services industry. 


To tackle these multifaceted challenges, the Australian Financial Services Group implemented a nuanced solution that combined Azure Virtual Desktop for shared devices and Windows 365 Cloud PCs for dedicated device profiles. This strategic approach enabled a flexible and tailored environment, effectively addressing the diverse needs of both remote teleworkers and third-party providers.

The implementation involved policy-based deployments, simplifying the management of both Azure Virtual Desktop and Cloud PCs. Users were seamlessly integrated into appropriate Windows groups, streamlining access and ensuring a user-friendly experience across all platforms. This innovative solution not only enhanced security through policy-based device lockdowns but also streamlined management processes, leading to a significant reduction in deployment time and support tickets.

The Australian Financial Services Group has set a high standard for other organisations seeking to optimise their remote work infrastructure. Combining Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 Cloud PCs has proven to be a winning formula for enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and improving compliance.

The Results

The implementation of a nuanced solution that combined Azure Virtual Desktop and W365 Cloud PCs yielded significant improvements and tangible outcomes, empowering the Australian Financial Services Group’s workforce with enhanced productivity and security.

  • Reduced Time to Deploy Resources: The streamlined management process for both orchestration and support resulted in a drastic reduction in the time required to deploy resources.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Standardised desktop software and tooling led to a noticeable decrease in service desk tickets, improving overall user experience.
  • Improved Collaboration: The flexible and tailored environment enabled seamless collaboration between remote teleworkers and third-party providers, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Security: Policy-based device lockdowns strengthened security measures, mitigating potential risks and protecting sensitive data.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: The streamlined management processes and reduced support tickets contributed to lower operational costs, enhancing overall business efficiency

The system now accommodates 600 shared desktops through Azure Virtual Desktops, with an on-demand supply of Cloud PC resources.

Resource provisioning time has been drastically reduced to minutes and hours, eliminating the previous delays of days and weeks.

All data is now stored within Australia's geographical borders, adhering to data sovereignty regulations.

Tailoring Remote Infrastructure to Unique Business Demands

This case study illustrates how a tailored combination of Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 Cloud PCs successfully addressed the challenges faced by the Australian Financial Services Group, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency, reduced service desk tickets, and improved compliance with data sovereignty regulations.

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