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Enhancing Stability and Performance through Azure

Northcott, a leading not-for-profit disability service provider, faced a host of challenges due to their aging on-premises infrastructure.

What was the challenge?

Northcott's aging on-premises infrastructure had reached the end of its lifecycle, causing stability and performance issues that led to frequent downtime and user disruptions. Recognising the need for change and to strengthen their cybersecurity, Northcott and Intelliworx embarked on a proactive journey to minimise system downtime and enhance overall system stability. This forward-thinking approach aimed to ensure the seamless operation of their systems.


Migration to Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service:

  • Re-provisioned infrastructure for optimised performance.
  • Addressed stability through minor re-architecture of Domain Controllers, Single Sign-On, and MFA architecture.
  • Implemented DR solutions for site redundancy.
  • Migrated approximately 2,500 users to multi-session Azure Virtual Desktop.

The Results

Northcott's migration to Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) resulted in significant positive changes, including substantial improvements in performance and stability. Azure's appropriately sized servers enhanced overall application performance, delivering a significantly better experience and ensuring resources were available precisely when needed.

Most impressively, Northcott's migration to Azure IaaS reduced downtime from a challenging four outages per week to zero, enabling smoother and more reliable operations. This transformation not only resolved immediate infrastructure challenges but also set The Northcott Society on a path to enhanced stability, performance, and scalability. The seamless transition to Azure IaaS demonstrates the benefits of IT infrastructure modernization for greater efficiency and reliability.

Key Stats

Migrated approximately 50 servers from on-premises to Azure cloud

Remarkable reduction in downtime, from experiencing 4 outages a week to achieving zero disruptions.


Partnering with Intelliworx has been a game-changer for our non-profit. Their tech expertise and commitment to our cause have elevated our digital capabilities. With their support, we're not just embracing technology – we're making a difference.
Marie Perenne
Head of IT, Northcott
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