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How Microsoft Teams will benefit your business

Working-from-home is the buzzword all businesses are throwing around. Collaboration platforms are being churned out to keep afoot with the digital workspace, business needs, and employee well-being.

Your employees expect greater freedom to choose where they work, and it’s proven beneficial: a recent study showed that over 60% of employees believe they are more productive, and communicate better and more efficiently, when working remotely.

However, your main concern is how to ensure smooth and efficient work collaboration between your employees, and communication with your customers.

Microsoft has the answer: in one package, Microsoft Teams has all the right tools you need so that you can run your business as smoothly from any corner of the world as you would in the office.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is a collaboration platform which features instant messaging, voice and video chat, and integrates with other Microsoft apps like Word and Outlook. It provides the ability to easily locate content rather than having to search for it across multiple servers.

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based shared workspace; not only can you chat with your co-workers in real time, you can collaborate on documents together, tracking changes and edits so you don’t miss anything regardless of your time zone location.

Its file storage, organisation, and search capabilities make locating documents from any workspace or team member simple and stress-free. Teams is available to use on all devices, meaning workers are no longer shackled to their desktop; your employees are free to take their tablet or laptop to work at a park or café.

5 ways Microsoft Teams will benefit your business

  1. Stay connected at all times

Remote working is becoming a vital part of the modern workforce. This has led to a new trend in technology companies, where platform collaboration solutions have been designed quickly to keep up with demand.

Microsoft Teams – and even the entire Microsoft 365 suite – was developed with remote working, communication, and collaboration in mind. Co-workers can chat and update each other on projects in real-time from any location and any device.

Becoming accustomed to a digital workspace does not have to mean that workers need to be isolated; Teams keeps them connected for meetings, work collaboration, or even just a social chat.

  1. Maintaining an organised workspace

Microsoft Teams’ shared workspaces, video calls, and screen sharing means working from home is easy and natural for businesses all over the world. It offers a seamless way for working on projects with team members, being able to share files and work on them simultaneously.

Your employees can organise their workspace with different tabs for different teams, projects, or customers they are working on. Keeping an organised workspace has never been easier.

  1. Easy and interactive meetings

Microsoft Teams makes connecting with customers and co-workers simple. You can video or voice chat with one other person or multiple people. Scheduling meetings is simpler, and Teams sends the invite to reflect each person’s time zone to avoid any confusion.

You can even organise meetings this way with people who don’t have Teams installed.

Screen sharing during meetings means you can give presentations as easily as if you were in a boardroom together, or showcase a project you’re working on in real time.

  1. Third-party app integration

Teams is fully integrated with the entire Microsoft 365 suite, which means it synergises with over 30 other Microsoft apps. This provides great convenience for remote workers as they can access all the files, tools, and information they previously would only have had access to in the office.

For example, creating and scheduling meetings in Teams automatically syncs the accepted invitations to Outlook calendars, which automatically gives alarms and notifications as the meeting draws closer. Teams also allows access to those vital workplace apps, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which can be opened and worked on via the Teams platform.

  1. Tighter security to protect your data

The top priority of any business: its cybersecurity. Teams is built on enterprise-grade cloud and delivers a high level of security and compliance. It uses end-to-end encryption to securely store messages, files, and attachments, as well as two-step verification access to prevent unauthorised access to your accounts.

Other security features include channel, chat, and attachments communication compliance, retention policies, data loss protection, audit log search, and mobile app management via Microsoft InTune.

Get help from the Microsoft experts

Microsoft Teams is the right tool for your business and your staff if you want efficient collaboration, increased productivity, and stronger remote working spaces.

Microsoft Gold Partner INTELLIWORX can help get you started on the road to discovering a better remote work environment.

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