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How Microsoft Viva Helps Companies Improve Their Employee Experience (EX)

With the recent transitioning of workforces en masse to remote work, employee experience (EX) matters now, more than ever, and remains central to the permanence of organisations large and small, and across industries.

Microsoft’s Viva is a timely and relevant solution to an ecosystem that so desperately needs it. Powered by both Microsoft 365 and Teams, Viva provides an integrated employee experience platform that merges communications insights, learning, and knowledge with routine workflows.

The rest of this article will explore the ‘inner workings’ of Microsoft Viva and how it helps companies maximise the potential of the employee experience.

Microsoft Teams - Microsoft CorporationThe Core Components of Viva

There are four key modules central to the Microsoft Viva platform, all of which make up an integrated, holistic employee experience: Learning, Topics, Connections and Insights.



For companies to stay relevant in an era of rapid digital transformation, it is important to keep their employees constantly reskilling.

Viva is helping to transform the informal and formal learning process, by transporting it from different platforms and integrating it into the flow of work.  It uses AI to aggregate and suggest content from both Microsoft’s learning partners and the organisation’s internal learning center, facilitating easy access to learning material.


Viva makes content discovery easy by using AI to group assets, knowledge, and experts, organising them in shared subject areas. This can be particularly helpful for example for remote workers or new employees trying to find information quickly and without assistance.

Organisations use AI to intelligently and efficiently empower their teams with the knowledge they need to be more productive, all within the workflow of Microsoft 365 and Teams.


Connections give employees a curated company-branded experience that pools together company news, benefits, well-being opportunities, and learning resources for ease of access, with a single interface for informal employee interactions.

It can provide a personalised experience that can be customized to cater to different business units and many types of employees. Additionally, Connections can help leaders guide the evolution of organisational culture in a more consistent, scalable way while maintaining communication with a dispersed employee base.


Insights provides data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations that help employees focus on what’s important and what they should prioritise to enhance their productivity.

Insights uses Microsoft’s workplace analytics suite – featuring Workplace Analytics, MyAnalytics, and Glint to provide insights into how work gets done and reimagine how work gets done. This allows teams to focus on what’s important and achieve balance. Employee well-being is at the focus of Viva’s insights.

How your organisation can tap into the potential of Viva

Viva presents a buffet of opportunities, and together we can help you tap into the potential that it presents. We can work with you to create a 90-day plan with milestones such as:

  • First 30 days: establish an employee experience baseline view and roadmap.
  • First 60 days: use insights and additional analytics to measure sentiment and productivity, informing the management of employee well-being through virtual leadership.
  • First 90 days: extend this process to provide a consistent employee experience regardless of work location.

How can we help?

At INTELLIWORX, we can help you explore the potential of Viva and maximise your employee and workplace experience. Feel free to contact us today to find out how.






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