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Modern Workplace Evolution: Streamlining Operations with Microsoft 365 Migration

Northcott, a not-for-profit disability service provider, partnered with Intelliworx to migrate to Microsoft 365. We helped Northcott overcome the challenge of system instability and performance issues, eliminating downtime and improving the overall reliability and performance of its IT infrastructure. Northcott also streamlined its email infrastructure with Microsoft 365 which helped improve security, reduce outages, and enhance productivity for its employees.

What was the challenge?

Northcott, a leading not-for-profit disability service provider, faced several challenges with its existing email infrastructure. Multiple legacy on-premises mail servers presented operational complexities, leading to occasional outages and security concerns. Recognising the importance of safeguarding sensitive data, Northcott proactively addressed these challenges to enhance its security measures and protect the well-being of both clients and employees.


Northcott migrated to the Microsoft Modern Workplace using Microsoft 365. This comprehensive solution helped Northcott to address the challenges with its existing email infrastructure and improve its overall IT performance and efficiency.

The Results

  • Increased email security: Microsoft 365 includes a range of security features, such as advanced threat protection, data encryption, and multi-factor authentication, to help protect sensitive data from cyberattacks. Northcott can now be confident that its email is secure and that its clients’ and employees’ data is protected.
  • Increased email uptime and availability: Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based solution, which means that it is hosted and maintained by Microsoft. This eliminates the need for Northcott to manage its own email servers, which can be complex and time-consuming. Microsoft 365 also offers a high level of uptime and availability, so Northcott can be confident that its email will be up and running when it needs to be.
  • Improved access to email: Microsoft 365 provides employees with a unified platform for accessing their email, calendar, and other productivity tools. This makes it easier for employees to stay organised and productive. Microsoft 365 also includes a number of features that can help employees to find and manage their email more efficiently, such as powerful search capabilities and mail sorting options.

Key Stats

Swift Migration

Moved 3500+ mailboxes to Microsoft 365 in 2.5 months, ensuring minimal disruption with a swift migration process

Reduced Outages

Removal of legacy servers resulted in fewer outages and improved mail reliability.

Enhanced security

Microsoft 365 and its security suite elevated the organisation's overall security posture.

A Success Story

Intelliworx helped the organisation tackle their challenges by embarking on a swift and secure migration to the Microsoft Modern Workplace using Microsoft 365. This transformation resulted in significant improvements, including increased security, improved uptime, and better email accessibility. Northcott now enjoys the benefits of a more resilient and efficient email environment, with reduced risk of outages and enhanced productivity.

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