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Will the newly anticipated Windows 11 be good for your business?

Windows 10 has been around for 6 years, and Microsoft has now announced its new operating system, Windows 11, will be released later in 2021. It features a new look, tools, and a refreshed user experience.

Some changes can be good for businesses; they can create excitement, but sometimes, they can be met with angst and defensiveness. Some staff like familiarity, and change can be overwhelming for them. If you do decide to upgrade, ensure you take the staff on the journey, keep them informed and allow for them to adjust to the new operating system.

Staff aside, what will Windows 11 include, and what are the changes? And, more importantly, will these changes be good for your business?

Refreshed style

Let’s start with the exciting, new look and feel of Windows 11. Microsoft has invested in making the user experience more enjoyable. Some of the changes will require your staff to do things a little differently, though. Here are some of the changes coming your way:

  • when you open File Explorer, the ribbon and icons look simpler and more appealing. The folders are more colourful, no plain-looking yellow folders anymore. At the top, the ribbon is much more straightforward and allows you to create a new folder or document from this view; without having to open a program to create a new document, for example, a new Word document.
  • the new look Microsoft Teams will be going head-to-head with apps like FaceTime and WhatsApp to help Microsoft users connect and collaborate with others. And a bonus, Teams can now run on Microsoft, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems.
  • the Start button is the biggest move. In Windows 11 it will be at the centre of the taskbar, instead of at the bottom left of the screen. The tasks will be to the right of the start button, which remains unchanged. As you open more tasks the Start button moves further to the left, so it’s not static like in previous Windows versions.

Safe & sound

The new operating system doesn’t do passwords. Sound strange? Microsoft understands that passwords get stolen, and unauthorised access to devices and systems happens regularly, so they wanted to make security a high priority. Users can sign in with face recognition and biometrics, which means that your business devices, systems, and information have an extra level of security.

Accessibility Tools

Windows 11 comes with the customary assistive technologies like Narrator, Magnifier, Closed Captions, and Windows Speech Recognition, plus more. Users with impairments (or light sensitivity) will be able to access other screen readers, CART services, and speech commanding technologies to assist them. This will make Windows PCs more accessible and efficient to use.

Will you need new devices to run Windows 11?

With every new operating system comes the expectations of new higher-spec devices to run a higher-performing operating system. However, to run Windows 11 your device needs to have: 1GHz CPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, and a high-definition display (720p).

Most devices will tick these four requirements off easily, especially if they have been purchased in the last three years. Do a stocktake of your devices and check out which meet these requirements.

Should you upgrade to Windows 11?

The biggest risk to upgrading to any new operating system, whether it’s Windows 11, or any other operating system, is compatibility. Will your systems, devices, printers, and other hardware or software be compatible with the new operating system?

This means having your IT team thoroughly test compatibility in a test environment to see if applications, devices, and other equipment will work efficiently and effectively. You want a seamless upgrade with minimal or no impact to you and your business.

Windows 10 will be supported until 2025, so you don’t need to decide or upgrade straight away but transitioning to a new operating system takes time – something you will want to factor into your decision. Moving to the new system at some point is inevitable, however.

If you’d like to know more about what Microsoft’s new software can do for your business, contact the experts at INTELLIWORX today.

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