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7 best azure services for your business and why

Today’s digital business world is evolving rapidly, and those organisations that don’t adapt can not stay competitive. Cloud services have quickly dominated as the fastest-growing enterprise technology and one of the most cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Microsoft Azure has the solutions to ensure your business can leverage efficiency and flexibility, with a range of services that allow you to get websites running quickly, host applications, store data in the cloud, and create apps.

It can be a challenge to know which of the many services from Azure is best for your business. In this article, you’ll learn about the 7 best services and how they can help your company scale, grow, and safeguard its data.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that allows organisations to build, deploy, and manage their applications across a global network of data centres. Azure allows organisations to manage their application infrastructure and store data. Azure can either be used to test their applications in a pre-production environment before putting them into production or to scale up or down as needed.

Azure includes a range of features that include storage, compute, security, networking and more. These can be combined to make a customised solution for businesses of all sizes in any industry.

1.   Azure DevOps

The DevOps suite of software allows you to build, deploy, and maintain your applications and data. It provides built-in collaboration tools, builds and releases automation, and application monitoring, among other things. You may use it to track job items, release plans, and other project information.

Development teams with numerous developers or those looking to quicken development may benefit from DevOps. Each user can work on the code in any environment—on-premises or in the cloud—and it will be automatically deployed as soon as it’s ready. You can also easily track issues as they are detected by different tools, making it simple to determine where issues originate.

2.   Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based directory and identity management tool that helps companies safeguard their data and manage their people across multiple devices and applications. You can control access to Microsoft and other third-party applications using Azure AD, in addition to protecting user identities with multi-factor authentication.

3.   Azure Virtual Machines (VM)

You can host your application in the cloud using Azure Virtual Machines (VM). You may select from a variety of operating systems and preconfigured sizes, or you may create your custom size. You may even specify how much memory, storage, and CPU power you wish to allocate for each instance. Azure VM is a fast way to scale up infrastructure, businesses that require specific operating systems or have applications that need to scale rapidly can benefit from this service. VM have a variety of built-in functionalities such as auto scaling and load balancing to achieve high availability and scalability.

4.   Azure Backup

Azure Backup is a cloud-based data and application protection service that can be managed through the Azure portal. It provides comprehensive data protection services including data backup, archiving, and disaster recovery, and can be used to safeguard your data and applications. Azure Backup provides data protection across on-premises and cloud environments, enabling you to back up your data wherever your application is running. If you have a workload running in your on-premises data centre, Azure Backup will automatically back up your data. You can also encrypt and delete sensitive files securely.

5.   Azure Logic Apps

Logic Apps is an enterprise service that lets you link your data, systems, services, and applications to build custom workflows. For example, you may establish an automatic workflow that sends welcome messages to new clients. Whenever a new customer signs up for your service, a workflow is initiated. Because of its scalability in B2B setups, this service is popular.

6.   Azure Content Delivery Network

Azure Content Delivery Network caches and delivers data from web applications to users. The CDN caches and delivers content (videos, images, and web pages) so that it loads quickly and prevents users from encountering issues due to poor network connections. In addition to being fast and secure, CDN allows you and your customers to benefit from your mobile and web application services to enhance productivity and respond to customers.

7.   Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery lets you replicate your on-premises VMware or Hyper-V environments to Azure. In addition to performing data backups and testing the integrity of your replication, failover, and failback processes, you can automate disaster recovery.

Discover the best Azure services with the experts

Microsoft Azure provides the scalable cloud infrastructure and enterprise infrastructure integration businesses need. With the Azure experts at INTELLIWORX, your business can leverage a range of services to build, deliver, and integrate your data and software in the cloud.

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