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Empowering growth and improving security with Azure migration

Our client, a risk management technology and consulting company, migrated from on-premise servers to Microsoft Azure with the help of Intelliworx, achieving improved performance, security, and scalability while reducing costs and enabling growth.

The Client

Since 1999, Razor Risk has been providing risk management technology and consulting services to financial institutions worldwide. They solve risk and capital management issues triggered by government and regulatory requirements and the ever-changing landscape of the industry. Using the Razor Risk framework, management can view their total exposure to individual entities on one consolidated platform, with near real-time and pre-deal calculations. The company has been delivering solutions to The United Kingdom, The Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

The Business Need

Razor Risk had a large amount of on-premise servers that were nearing end of life and were causing backup and uptime issues. They were also restricting the company’s ability to grow and be agile in its operations.

The servers enabled the performance of Razor Risk’s development team and were important to them continuing to deliver solutions to clients. As the team had recently decentralised to several countries across the world, accessing the compute and storage capability from multiple locations was a must.

A decision needed to be made whether to replace the on-premise servers with new or look for a cloud based solution. The chosen solution needed to ensure that performance and security were enhanced.

We were supporting and maintaining the on-premise servers for Razor Risk and had previously discussed migrating to Azure.

The Solution

Intelliworx liaised with Razor Risk and examined various options that could suit their needs going forward. After discussions, the strategic decision was made not to replace the servers but to migrate to Microsoft Azure.

The solution was designed to allow for the teams to work from different locations around the globe, with improved security whilst enabling company growth.

Intelliworx scoped and planned the migration to Microsoft Azure in conjunction with Razor Risk. The project included compute, storage, and backup set ups, then migrating the data and applications. And finally, the decommissioning and destruction of the physical servers.

The Results

Razor Risk migrated to cloud-based infrastructure that has been scaled to meet their present requirements for compute power, data storage, and location. This has enabled better performance and reliability as well as quick scaling up or down as required, putting them in a good position for the future.

Razor Risk has achieved the following by migrating from on-premise servers to Microsoft Azure.

  • Operating costs were reduced by 15% over the same period.
  • Improved level of security with Azure’s built-in safeguards.
  • Enabled growth and expansion with less cost, when compared with the cost of company growth with on-premise server.
  • With the resources available at hand, this has allowed for increased productivity across the organisation.
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