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How Microsoft Teams can benefit your business

If there ever was an underexplored, yet much-needed solution to workplace collaboration in the current remote working era, Microsoft Teams would fit the bill. Microsoft Teams as an integral part of the Office 365 suite, is a synergistic business software deployed for workplace communication and collaboration.

Many customers, including IT admins and end-users, are yet to grasp the enormously powerful range of benefits to be derived in the modern digital workplace in terms of Microsoft’s solution for content creation, group-file sharing and messaging since its official launch. So, we’ve gone ahead and highlighted them for you.

Improved Security

As a complementary unit to Microsoft’s broader Office productivity suite, Teams is as secure as the rest of the entire Microsoft 365 suite. This is especially important as Teams shares many of the broader benefits, including multi-factor authentication (MFA), single-sign-on (SSO) via Active Directory (AD), secure guest access, and automatic encryption of data in transit and at rest. It enjoys the same advanced compliance, security standards, and quality cloud platform services inherent in Office 365 including SOC1 and SOC2, HIPAA, and FERPA.

Teams is also compliant with Conditional Access (CA) and MFA, which allows IT departments to regulate access to data by device, under your organisation’s current set policies while blocking access to services by IP addresses or user location. It also comes seamlessly integrated into the in-built Audit Log with Office 365 Security & Compliance Centre, allowing users to set alerts and report on audit events and log data as you would with other MS services.


Microsoft Teams is not an additional standalone expenditure but rather, is included in a variety of Microsoft Office packages such as Office 365 Business Premium/Business Essentials, Enterprise E1, E3 or E5 subscriptions, etc. As part of the Office 365 suite, it is subscription-based and is therefore cost-effective, allowing organisations to plan their IT expenditure far more easily.

Integrations everywhere!

By leveraging the cloud-based and on-premises integration capabilities of Azure, Microsoft Teams has the capacity to connect businesses to 200+ Microsoft and third-party services, enabling users to source data, collaborate on projects and receive updates.

Integrations are possible with a variety of applications including SalesForce, GetResponse, Mailchimp, Facebook Pages, Asana, Zendesk, Aircall, Google Analytics among others.

Mobile device management with Microsoft Intune

The official Microsoft Teams app available on all major mobile operating systems allows for on-the-go collaborative work and communication with fewer disruptions. The app features a seamless interface and full telephony capabilities with smartphones and tablets, using the capacity of the Microsoft Intune in Office 365 to:

  • Secure corporate available on mobile work devices
  • Manage access to company data by employee
  • Control data access and distribution by authorised users
  • Ensure compliance with your organisation’s security requirements

Easier meeting scheduling

Microsoft Teams synchronises meetings and schedules with your Office 365/Outlook calendar, using channels hosting to ensure accessibility, transparency, and privacy.

employees laughing during the video call

Native Microsoft Office 365 integration

By using a single app interface for all collaboration, Teams helps to increase productivity and enrich communication in the workplace. Users never have to leave the Teams app to complete their tasks and those working from desktops, laptops or mobile devices will find Teams highly accessible as it seamlessly integrates with all Office 365 productivity software. There is also a better focus on work since information is compartmentalised into channels and put in context.

By making all apps available in one interface, Teams makes file management, messages, and emails easier for end-users. It will be a welcome development for regular users of Microsoft Exchange or Skype for Business to be able to interchange between email and messaging apps all within the Teams interface.

Customisation capabilities with third-party apps

Microsoft Teams compatibility with third-party applications allows for the creation of individual team channels, new tasks, file uploads, and even maintenance of wikis. With the help of integrations, marketing teams can perform several simultaneous tasks such as automatic Google Analytics update inside private channels, sending information to channels using data sources such as Facebook Pages, Twitter, Bing News, etc. This way, teams can have access to updated business information, customised to suit their role.

Messaging and historic tracking in real-time

With Teams, users can keep track of every private and team discussion in real-time. Team members are kept on the same page, with assured transparency, with collaboration and productivity intact.

With automatic archiving, newly added members can stay up to date as entire conversations are available for all team members to view and participate in.

Easy slash command shortcuts

Microsoft Teams allows users to perform common tasks quickly using very helpful slash commands – basic short codes capable of letting users switch channels, view recent files, or change their statuses, for example.

Activating slash commands is as easy as typing ‘/’ in the command box, upon which a drop-down menu offers a list of the command shortcuts supported by Teams. Alternatively, the command list can be accessed by pressing Alt + K (Windows) or Option + K (Mac). Commands are accessible to all Teams users and can be customised by system administrators.

Automated security updates

Teams is never outdated since it benefits from synchronised, automatic upgrades, cumulative updates, and security patches.

Your business needs it…

With the new universal trend of remote working enforced by the exigencies of the pandemic and having seen the many communication and collaboration benefits of MS Teams first-hand, it is imperative that we foster a more modern workplace for the customer and make Microsoft Teams a must-have solution.

For more insight into how Microsoft can improve your business for the better, contact the team at INTELLIWORX – the Microsoft Gold Partner you can rely on.

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