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INTELLIWORX acquires new IT business increasing its presence

INTELLIWORX UK has increased its clients base and expanded its presence in the UK market through the acquisition of IT company Assits.

INTELLIWORX UK is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of IT brand Assits. The acquisition of the Winchester based company has added to the growth of INTELLIWORX UK and their expansion in the UK market.

Furthermore, the acquisition aligns with INTELLIWORX’s growth strategy which includes increasing their UK team. This move complements their current growth, new roles in the organisation, and their move to a larger London office.

Both Assits and INTELLIWORX UK offer a range of IT solutions and services with a customer-centric approach, helping their customers to use IT to grow their businesses and increase their productivity.

Since the acquisition, Assits’ clients have taken the opportunity to increase the services provided to them including security services. Clients have also moved to fixed plans, helping them to control their IT costs and make budgeting easier.

Shane Maher, Managing Director of INTELLIWORX said ‘together our teams will deliver and drive excellence for INTELLIWORX UK and our UK-based clients. We will continue to work with our new clients to ensure the great customer service being delivered remains consistent, whilst being able to offer a greater range of services and solutions.’

Kieran Williamson, Service Delivery Manager of Assits said ‘I am excited about the acquisition, my new role at INTELLIWORX, and the opportunity this has presented for our clients’.

For media questions please contact Jamie Edwards on 020 3051 4590 or via [email protected]


INTELLIWORX is a leading IT company with offices in four countries. Their managed IT, cloud, consulting and remote working solutions support small and mid-sized businesses around the world.  They harness technology to sustainably enhance their clients’ business growth. 


About Assits

Assits provides IT support services to businesses when and how they need them. They provide consultancy, system design and architecture, along with procurement and project management. 

Assits – Making IT works for you

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