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Is Teams Premium worth the change?

Microsoft Teams is an exceptional collaboration solution for companies of all sizes – from small teams to large firms, offering many options for collaborating, communicating, and staying organised.

With the full release of Microsoft Teams Premium in February 2023, users will be able to unlock even more features and capabilities, like advanced analytics, custom branding, and improved security.

Is Microsoft Teams Premium worth the change? From understanding what’s included to getting the most out of the platform, this article will help you unlock the power of Microsoft Teams Premium.

What is Microsoft Teams Premium?

Microsoft Teams is a robust collaboration platform that integrates with other productivity apps, supports efficient team communication, and enables automated workflows.

The advanced functions provided in the MS Teams Premium version give companies greater control over their teams and the platform. This includes access to advanced analytics, custom branding, and enhanced security features.

The features of Microsoft Teams Premium

Microsoft Teams Premium provides you with a number of outstanding advantages.

With advanced analytics, you can get an enhanced grasp of your employees’ behaviour by examining a range of data. You can monitor how much time users spend on their jobs, how many messages are sent, how active users are, and many more. You can also look for correlations in user behaviour to identify areas for improvement. By assessing productivity, engagement, and collaboration, you may be able to improve these aspects of your business.

Businesses can custom brand their Microsoft Teams experience. Every channel, including chats, audio/video calls, and more, will have a unified brand. This is an excellent way to give your team its own identity and stand out from other teams.

The meeting guide feature is intended to help users select the right meeting experience (for example, a client conference, brainstorming meeting, help desk assistance, or other). These preset options can be customised by IT administrators to create meeting options.

Board meetings, financial discussions, and product launch plans will be protected via meeting protection tools that provide security. For instance, watermarks will be used to ensure protected information is not leaked.

Advanced webinars will have virtual green rooms for hosts and presenters, automatic reminder emails, and a registration waitlist.

Action items are automatically generated from meetings using artificial intelligence.

Live translation of 40 different spoken languages and captioned via AI.

How to get the most out of Microsoft Teams Premium

With these premium features, Teams assists in enhancing collaboration and productivity across teams and departments by providing advanced analytics, automated workflows, and other advanced capabilities. You can use these capabilities to measure the performance of key tasks, identify areas for improvement, and create more effective processes.

Partner with INTELLIWORX to harness the power of Microsoft Teams Premiums for your business. We can help you understand which features and tools are best for you and then develop a strategy to meet your demands, to get the most out of this new version of Teams.

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