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MS Teams issues and easy fixes

Microsoft Teams has been a stalwart communication and collaboration tool since it came on the scene in 2017. However, it came into its own once the COVID-19 pandemic began and businesses needed to ensure employees could work safely from home. MS Teams is still the most popular business communication solution being used to communicate and enable productivity in the world. 

As with any technology, MS Teams isn’t infallible and users do encounter the occasional issue. Fortunately, most issues that occur with MS Teams are minor and can be solved easily. Following are some of the common Microsoft Teams problems that come up on occasion, and how to resolve them quickly and easily.

Error when logging in 

A reasonably common issue with Microsoft Teams is you see an error when trying to log in. Most often this is because your login credentials are incorrect so you should check you are using the correct username and password. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, check the error message and contact the IT department to get support to access Teams. 

Common error messages: 

  • 0xCAA20003: Authorisation problem
  • 0xCAA82EE2: Request timed out
  • 0xCAA20004: Request requires approval

Messages aren’t loading properly

Some users reported only being able to view old conversations or not seeing any of the latest messages that have been sent across their channels or seeing an error message when trying to load. 

This can be due to two possible issues:

  1. Your internet connection is the problem. Check to see if other sites and apps are working correctly. If it could be your connection, restarting your device or rebooting the internet router could be the solution. 
  2. Microsoft Teams app or Teams may be experiencing a connection glitch. This happens every so often but usually forcing Teams to close and the reopening solves the issue. 

Microphone and webcam not working in meetings

External devices such as microphones, speakers, and webcams can cause issues when used. If you can’t hear or see other attendees or have them hear or see you after joining a Teams meeting, there are a couple of things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. 

Check first to see that the meeting host hasn’t muted you and other participants, and then ensure your devices are plugged in properly and the settings for both microphone and camera are set up properly. If you are only having problems accessing your camera and microphone in Teams, the specific issue could be permissions need to be changed to access those ancillaries. This can be done by clicking the Teams icon on the top right corner of your screen then going into the Manage Account option and then selecting ‘App permissions). Ensure the ‘media’ toggle button is set to on. 

No Teams notifications

Today’s always ‘switched on’ world means we’re used to being notified when new messages or alerts are updated across our communication channels. If Teams is not giving you notifications but other desktop apps are, there could be several reasons for that:

  • You have switched your status to Do Not Disturb or Focus Time, which means Teams won’t send you notifications
  • Your settings have been altered so the right notifications aren’t coming through. Check this in the ‘Manage Account’ option and select ‘Notifications’ to ensure the right settings are selected for all the options provided.  

Unable to create new Teams

One of the major drawcards of Microsoft Teams is being able to create teams and channels to suit any project or task to make communication and teamwork simple! But not all users have permission to create new teams, and generally, there will be specific policies in place to limit who can do so. This might be to keep things organised or for privacy policy reasons. 

If you need to create a new team and can’t, talk to the system administrator and see if they can do it or grant permission for you to do it. Alternatively, you can create a channel instead of a team, including specific colleagues who are involved in the project or task, which will meet the same needs as a team.

Get Microsoft Teams support from the experts

With Microsoft Teams, you can guarantee that your company is operating efficiently and profitably. With support from the team of Microsoft experts at INTELLIWORX, you can choose which features and tools are most suitable for your company, and then create a custom solution to suit your needs. To keep up with this powerful communications platform, we provide Microsoft Teams consulting, implementation, and support services. Get in touch with us today

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