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The right IT support approach for your business

To keep up with technology trends as well as handle increasingly complex IT environments, businesses must adopt an IT support strategy that can alter as requirements change. Small to medium-sized organisations frequently have difficulty managing their company’s technology needs because they don’t know which of the many different approaches to IT support is suitable for them. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, but the one that works best for your company depends on your unique business requirements, resources, and budget.

What does IT support mean?

There are various aspects of a company’s information technology needs that must be managed, including hardware, software, servers, cloud services, and cybersecurity. Every business, regardless of its size, needs to have an IT support approach, but the scope of that approach will vary significantly depending on factors like firm size, information technology complexity, and budget. An inadequate technology support system may jeopardise a firm’s future by not being able to handle its information technology needs effectively.

To select the right approach to IT support, first assess your company’s needs and goals. Then, explore the various options and select the approach that best meets those requirements. Taking these steps will help your company select the right approach and achieve its goals with business IT support.

Managed IT support

A managed service provider (MSP) assumes responsibility for meeting all of your organisation’s technology needs with outsourced IT support services. A managed services provider typically takes on the job of operating as your organisation’s IT department, maintaining everything from network infrastructure to disaster recovery and guaranteeing optimal functioning. They set up and maintain your infrastructure, including servers, storage, networks, and cybersecurity. They also maintain your endpoints, including computers, mobile devices, and other peripherals. Managed IT services may be beneficial for organisations seeking simplicity and predictable IT costs.

Remote IT support

When you use remote IT support, computer experts can connect to your network from a distant location and address issues immediately and easily. Many firms that utilise remote assistance don’t have the money or resources to hire a person or group to fulfil this role. You can get a quick and simple solution to address IT issues as they arise, usually via a help desk that operates 24 hours a day.

On-site IT support

Expert IT support may be required onsite to provide technical assistance at a firm’s physical location or to gain access to equipment or software that is not accessible remotely. Onsite assistance is commonly required in several instances, such as when a piece of equipment is broken or a secure network needs to be accessed. Onsite assistance is required if a company has a large or complex network that cannot be managed remotely or if the client has confidential data that must be accessed.

Break/fix support

There are cases where organisations cannot fix their IT infrastructure on their own, so they turn to break/fix support. Break/fix support refers to contracting an IT services company to complete upgrades and repairs. Customers contract an IT services firm for break/fix support when they need repairs or upgrades. Break/fix support is usually billed by the hour, and there are often additional fees for repairs. The downside to this approach is that there is no proactive IT support once the initial issue has been diagnosed and fixed.

Co-managed IT support

Some businesses prefer to outsource certain IT functions to a managed service provider, such as cyber security or communications. In co-managed support, an internal technology support department maintains control over the company’s IT infrastructure while outsourcing certain IT tasks to a managed service provider. This approach allows you to save time, resources, and money while ensuring that certain IT areas are properly looked after.

Best IT support approach for your business

Keeping up with technology in the digital world can be challenging for businesses. To meet the demands of increasingly complex IT environments, you must consider IT support strategically. The IT support specialists at INTELLIWORX have the experience and knowledge to help you find out which approach best meets your business’s needs.

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