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Do I really need a disaster recovery plan?

Many businesses have an increasing amount of value stored digitally.  Whether it is client contracts and contact details, inventory, customer data, communication trails or internal budgets and reports it is all valuable and critical to the business.  With all the advantages and privileges that come with our digital business era, comes responsibility and the need to plan for potential “disasters” by putting in place backup and disaster recovery solutions.

The type of “disasters” that businesses may experience are:

  • Technical failure of server equipment
  • Fire or flood damage to your onsite premises affecting your IT infrastructure (or other natural disasters)
  • Digital security measures fail (ransomware, viruses)
  • An embittered ex-employee sabotages files and folders
  • A staff member accidentally deletes important files, folders or communication

The 3-2-1 backup solution ensures that you have three copies of your data on two different media and one copy is stored offsite.  A good back up and data recovery plan ensures that this 3-2-1 principle is applied.

With the high dependence on the digital world, businesses that employ back up and disaster recovery solutions can offer a reliable and consistent service to their customers, increasing their credibility and confidence in offering their products and services. It will help to future proof your business.

When selecting the right back up and disaster recovery solution, look for solutions backed by esteemed companies such as Veeam and utilizing the industry standard 3-2-1 approach.  Disaster recovery data should be encrypted at each stage to provide security for that business-critical data and the recovery time needs to be reasonable to allow your workplace to seamlessly get on with their core business.

Talk to our team today about finding the right solution for your business.

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