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How your data insights could drive revenue

According to a seven-year study by Workforce, data analysis was identified as the key to corporate success. Businesses that used big data reporting saved money and gained a larger market share, as well as increased profit margins. Instead of attempting to predict future consumer behaviour, data analysis allowed businesses to make accurate predictions based on actionable insights.

Successful businesses need to be able to assess their performance to continue driving revenue and encouraging annual growth. Modern enterprises rely on data-driven insights to keep up with the demands of their customers, market, and industry.

Instead of just collecting and storing data, business intelligence (BI) applications help you process and turn it into the insights you need across your organisation, creating a competitive advantage and a significant revenue increase over time. 

Why your company should be data-centric

Businesses must be able to assess their performance to continue increasing revenue. Data analysis can offer insights that help you reshape your company’s interactions with customers, market more effectively, and drive more sales.

Improved productivity

Across the workforce, data drives productivity. Data has been shown to drive efficiency, whether it is an individual or team performance. Data gives employees concrete targets by establishing a clearer picture of their habits, behaviours, and patterns. Instead of making one-time training investments, big data supplies a continuous stream of resources that continuously fuel efficiency in an adaptable, nimble way.

By comparing and contrasting performance metrics, businesses can identify the finest workforce candidates. To retain these valuable employees, data-driven working environments foster a culture of clarity. Data-driven human resource strategy has significant long- and short-term advantages, creating a motivated, productive workforce that will boost profit margins.

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Data can be segmented and grouped into categories, for example, an existing customer base can be divided into high-opportunity groups through an effective data segmentation process.

Accurate data segmentation, which starts with error-free and relevant data, is crucial for the proper evaluation of data. The segmented data provides actionable information to different teams in a company so they can develop strategies to increase revenue. Therefore, the process is critical to company growth.


It has never before been so crucial for businesses to remain nimble in today’s fast-moving economy. Gaining new clients can be a time-consuming and difficult activity, so often organisations are directing their resources towards keeping their current clients, rather than trying to gain new ones. This is not a simple job. In order to maintain customers, you must constantly alter to meet their ever-changing demands, forewarn problems, provide solutions, and be able to quickly adjust your strategy. Gathering and analysing data can be a powerful way to determine what works and what does not. You can utilise customer feedback to enhance the quality of your product or service levels or identify opportunities for innovation that will set you apart from the competition.

Innovation and disruption

Many successful business ‘disruptors have relied on data analytics and insights as the foundation of their business model to revolutionise entire sectors. The competitive environment is so dynamic and fast-moving that you must be able to quickly adapt to changing marketing conditions, trends, and customer demands in order to remain competitive. 

With data, you can quickly identify customer needs and deliver personalised solutions faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost than your competitors. The winners of tomorrow in every sector will be the companies that can quickly detect market changes and deliver solutions that address customers’ needs.

Accurate forecasting

Sales data analysis provides one of the most apparent advantages in predicting future sales based on past information. Historical data gives you a realistic, accurate picture of how to allocate resources and manage your workforce more efficiently. This allows businesses to be more nimble and respond more rapidly to changing market conditions. 

Power your data insights with the experts

Business intelligence tools that analyse your data and provide insights can drive sales, increase profits, and encourage agile and well-informed decisions that lead to better services and innovative products and services in an ever-changing competitive world.

Power BI can help your business analyse data and improve your business processes by consolidating, accessing, and analysing data. SQL queries in Azure databases can be monitored using Power BI to provide insights into database performance. In addition to helping you manage your databases, Power BI provides easy-to-use reports that allow you to keep track of key database usage and performance information. 

INTELLIWORX business experts can assist you to get started with Power BI by providing all the expertise, knowledge, and tools you need. Contact INTELLIWORX today to find out how your data can drive revenue for your business.

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