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Managed Cyber Security Services in Sydney

Providing cyber defence for the modern enterprise

Reduced operational costs

Improved information security

Enhanced security posture

Maximised efficiency

Better security insights

Quality Management Systems: Requirements - I.S.O
Certification - DNV
Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand - ISO 9000
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Quality Management Systems: Requirements - I.S.O
Certification - DNV
Logo - Product
Surface - Microsoft Azure
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Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand - ISO 9000

Protect your IT environment with managed security services

The internet is a volatile space where threats and attacks happen every day. Businesses need to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity to protect their data and their profits.

Businesses are often the target of cyber-attacks, and data breaches are increasing, so the consequences can be costly. If you’re not sure how to secure your business’s data, our comprehensive range of managed security services can provide the expertise and training that you need.

Security is not a one-step process, but rather a series of interconnected layers of protection that each contribute to the overall success or failure of securing an organisation’s digital assets.

Our security operations team is responsible for threat protection, vulnerability management, incident response, detection and response, and more, so your business will be secure no matter what the cyber threat landscape may look like.

Our team of experts will ensure that your organisation moves from the awareness phase to the prepared phase in order to mitigate risk. To be more specific, we are responsible for allocating resources based on business priorities and identifying threats through continuous monitoring of network traffic, systems, and applications.

Our experts are on call 24/7 to help with any issues that come up or, better yet, prevent them from even happening in the first place. We also work with you on disaster recovery plans, so you’re prepared for every situation.

Security solutions to protect your business – today, tomorrow, and far into the future

Security is by nature a difficult and vast topic, so it can be challenging to keep up to date on all the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Unfortunately, there are always threats to any company or organisation, and the risk doesn’t go away by simply ignoring it. You need to be aware of the damage attacks can cause to both your customer’s privacy and your company’s reputation.

We offer various security solutions and technologies that can help you monitor your networks for signs of intrusion, detect intrusions as they happen, prevent breaches from happening in the first place, contain the damage from an intrusion if it does occur, and recover from an intrusion more quickly.

Our security operations team (SOC) is responsible for implementing these solutions and tools to monitor, detect, prevent, and respond to incidents as well as help you recover from them. With our range of security services and solutions, you will be able to better identify and manage digital threats and vulnerabilities, protect your customer data, and safeguard their privacy at all times.

Effectively monitor and manage your IT infrastructure the right way

The business world is shifting, meaning that cyber-attacks are no longer an abstract threat. They are now a very real threat with extremely tangible consequences for both customers and companies alike. It’s no longer enough to simply take precautions or protect oneself from attack attempts – you must also be proactive in monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure to avoid becoming a victim of a security breach or vulnerability.

At INTELLIWORX, we know that security risk management is not just about setting up the latest firewall. It’s also about knowing how to minimise, monitor, and respond to an attack. Therefore, we believe that security intelligence is key to making sure you are ready for whatever comes your way. We keep tabs on the latest trends in the cyber security world, so you don’t have to worry about being one of them.

Advanced threat intelligence

Vulnerability scanning and assessment

Managed SIEM

On-site consulting

Network perimeter management

Compliance monitoring

Penetration testing

The security specialists your business needs

Cyber security is more important now than ever before. Given the current state of cyber security globally, it’s not a surprise that many small and medium enterprises are seeking assistance on how to protect their businesses. A lot of enterprises are under the false impression that they can rely on their existing IT provider to ensure that they are protected from cybercrime. The truth is, however, that this isn’t always the case.

As cyber security specialists for enterprises in Sydney and across Australia, we know this all too well. We have seen first-hand how some IT providers fail to take your business needs seriously due to lack of expertise or don’t have enough manpower to provide the necessary attention your business deserves. This is why we offer tailored solutions for any size enterprise. From remote protection and 24/7 monitoring to completely customised and secure hardware and software, we make sure your business can run smoothly while safeguarding your data and systems.

Contact a Managed Services expert to see how we can help you to streamline your IT with our fixed price managed IT services

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