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Seamless Communication: How Neat Rooms Transformed rEvolution's Video Conferencing

Global sports marketing agency rEvolution sought to improve video conferencing in their US offices. Challenges included inconsistent audio-visual quality and a user-unfriendly interface. Partnering with Intelliworx, rEeolution implemented Neat Rooms, creating a seamless and high-quality conferencing experience, boosting communication and collaboration across US teams. This case study explores the challenges, solution, and positive outcomes.

The Client

rEvolution, a globally renowned sports marketing agency, has consistently leveraged innovative, creative, and authentic campaign approaches. Their expertise helps brands of all sizes harness the power of sport to connect with fans. rEvolution offers a comprehensive suite of services, including sponsorship consulting, experiential marketing, social media management, production and design, as well as research and analytics. Each strategy is meticulously tailored to the specific needs and goals of their clients, including industry leaders like American Family Insurance, AWS, Continental Tyre, Capgemini, Chipotle, Lamborghini, McLaren Racing, and Shell.


Meet, Create and Collaborate Better

The Business Need

rEvolution’s Chicago office was seeking to optimise their video conferencing capabilities. While their existing system functioned, challenges arose in areas like video quality, interface design, and compatibility with various platforms. These limitations impacted the company’s ability to achieve seamless communication and collaboration with clients and staff across the globe.

The Solution

To address the limitations of their video conferencing system, rEvolution partnered with Intelliworx. Intelliworx implemented Neat products, a suite of video conferencing equipment designed to elevate the meeting room experience.

  • Enhanced Video and Audio: Neat Bars and Neat Frames were installed in most meeting rooms, delivering high-quality video and crystal-clear audio.
  • User-friendly Interface: The touch screen interface on Neat devices was intuitive and easy to use, streamlining meeting set-up and participation.
  • Platform Compatibility: The solution seamlessly integrated with popular platforms like Zoom and Teams, ensuring flexibility and collaboration with diverse partners.
  • Advanced Audio Technology: Neat’s next-generation audio technology provided crisp sound quality and reduced background noise, fostering clear communication even in busy environments.
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Ensure Equitable and Inclusive Hybrid Meetings

The Results

The implementation of the new video conferencing system yielded positive outcomes for rEvolution, facilitating enhanced collaboration across the organisation.

  • Consistent Audiovisual Performance: The system delivered consistent audio and visual quality across meetings, potentially contributing to increased participant engagement and productivity.
  • Global Standardisation: The new system’s successful deployment across all company offices worldwide established a uniform conferencing experience, potentially impacting collaboration efforts.
  • Seamless Microsoft Teams Integration: The integration with Microsoft Teams functioned effectively, potentially creating a more cohesive and efficient communication environment.
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