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Transforming Legal Practice with Secure IT Modernisation

This case study explores the suite of Microsoft Modern Workplace and Microsoft Business Premium 365 solutions that powered Edwards Family Law's success. It offers valuable insights into how these tools can enhance operational efficiency and security for legal practices in today's evolving legal landscape.

The Client

Edwards Family Law, a UK legal practice specialising in complex divorce and family law, successfully transitioned their operations through a strategic IT transformation. Their partnership with Intelliworx facilitated a comprehensive digital overhaul, establishing a modern, agile, and secure environment within London's competitive legal landscape.

The Business Need

Facing rapid growth, Edwards Family Law, a UK firm specialising in complex divorce and family law, recognised the need for a robust IT strategy to support their expanding operations. A key component of this strategy was to establish a secure and readily accessible Modern Workplace solution that could adapt to the firm’s dynamic requirements. This included the challenge of navigating the complexities of evolving technology landscapes while ensuring the highest levels of data security and accessibility.

The central objective was to find a skilled IT partner capable of taking on the responsibility of managing complex IT infrastructure. This search was driven by the firm’s desire to free up their legal experts from the complexities of IT management, allowing them to focus on their core legal work. Throughout this process, the primary concern remained safeguarding data integrity and confidentiality, ensuring that the firm’s growth wouldn’t come at the expense of sensitive information.

The Solution

The strategic implementation of Microsoft Business Premium 365 has enabled Edwards Family Law to achieve a significant transformation in their operations, enhancing efficiency, security, and flexibility while ensuring the highest level of data protection.

1. Microsoft Business Premium 365

Following a rigorous evaluation process, Edwards Family Law strategically opted for Microsoft Business Premium 365. This comprehensive solution is renowned for its premium email functionalities, robust security protocols, and scalability, which perfectly aligns with the needs of a growing business. By leveraging Microsoft Business Premium 365, the firm has successfully improved communication efficiency and enhanced data protection.

2. SharePoint/OneOffice:

Edwards Family Law has embraced SharePoint/OneOffice, a collaborative platform that fosters seamless teamwork and convenient document access from anywhere, regardless of location. This has enabled greater efficiency and flexibility within the firm, empowering legal professionals to collaborate seamlessly and access vital information with ease.

3. Intune:

Playing a critical role in managing policies and bolstering security measures, Intune simplifies device setup and management while ensuring robust data security. By employing Intune, Edwards Family Law has minimised administrative complexities and strengthened its cybersecurity posture.

4. Huntress and ThreatLocker:

To further enhance their security posture and defend against potential cyber threats, Edwards Family Law has strategically deployed advanced security tools, namely Huntress and ThreatLocker. These tools work together to effectively reduce attack vectors and safeguard devices, thereby minimising security risks and protecting sensitive information.

The integration of Microsoft Solutions by Intelliworx has been transformative for Edwards Family Law. Transitioning to a modern, agile, and secure IT infrastructure has enabled the Edwards Family Law team to access critical data seamlessly from any location, thus significantly enhancing their productivity. Through Microsoft Solutions they are now more efficient, secure, and flexible than ever before, and Intelliworx is happy to support them on their growth journey.

The Results

By implementing a comprehensive IT solution, Edwards Family Law has achieved transformative change. They now benefit from a secure and easily accessible digital environment, allowing their legal professionals to focus on delivering exceptional client service.

  1. Cloud-based Accessibility: Seamless data access from any location, at any time, has empowered Edwards Family Law with enhanced flexibility and productivity.
  2. Robust Security Framework: Best practice policies enforced by Intune have elevated data accessibility and security measures, ensuring a robust framework for protecting sensitive information.
  3. Streamlined Efficiency: Automated processes and workflows have streamlined day-to-day operations, leading to enhanced overall efficiency. Automation has facilitated smoother task execution and reduced manual intervention.
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