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Empowering Client Care: How Intelliworx Enabled Northcott's Success with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

This case study explores how Intelliworx, a managed IT services provider, empowered Northcott, a leading Australian disability service provider, to enhance operational efficiency and client service. The collaboration centred around migrating Northcott's virtual desktop environment from Citrix to Microsoft's Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). By leveraging AVD's scalability and reliability, Northcott addressed limitations of their existing system, ultimately improving user experience and streamlining IT management.

The Client

Northcott, a leading Australian disability service provider for over 90 years, operates across New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), supporting both metropolitan and regional communities. Their mission is to empower individuals with disabilities. Northcott achieves this by providing personalised and adaptable support services, ensuring each client receives optimised support tailored to their specific needs. A dedicated team delivers these services, fostering a client-centred approach that unlocks individual potential.

The Business Need

Northcott, a geographically dispersed organisation with a large workforce, recognised an opportunity to optimise their existing Citrix virtual desktop (VDI) solution. While Citrix provided a foundation for remote access to internal applications and data, Northcott saw potential for greater efficiency and user experience.

  • Evolving Needs: As Northcott’s needs and user base grew, the Citrix infrastructure, nearing its end-of-life, presented limitations in terms of stability and scalability.
  • Streamlining Operations: Managing the VDI environment involved multiple vendors, creating complexities for ongoing maintenance and support. Northcott sought a more streamlined approach.

The Solution

To overcome the limitations of their Citrix environment, Northcott partnered with Intelliworx. We proposed a migration to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), a robust and scalable cloud-based virtual desktop solution offered by Microsoft. AVD offers a more reliable and adaptable user experience compared to Citrix. 

To further streamline management and ensure optimal performance and security, Intelliworx partnered with Nerdio, a cloud management platform specifically designed for AVD environments. Nerdio facilitates the deployment process and simplifies ongoing administration, allowing us to implement best practices for AVD. 


Azure Virtual Desktop for the Legal Sector

The Results

Northcott’s migration to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and partnership with Nerdio yielded significant benefits:

  • Increased Uptime and Reliability: The new AVD environment delivered significantly less downtime, boosting user availability and overall system reliability. This freed the IT team from frequent troubleshooting, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Enhanced User Experience: With a stable and responsive environment, employees experienced improved productivity and could dedicate more time to client interaction.
  • Scalability for Growth: The AVD environment readily scaled to support 2,500 users, demonstrating its capacity to handle large user bases and accommodate future growth.
  • Swift Deployment: The AVD environment was built within a week, highlighting the efficiency and speed of the deployment process.
  • Agile Implementation: The entire solution, from deployment to full implementation, was completed within a month, showcasing the project’s effectiveness and agility.
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