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Microsoft 365 Consulting Services

Empowering Your Business with Microsoft 365 Solutions

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Unlocking Your Productivity

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Maximizing Your ROI with Microsoft 365 Consulting

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite that can help boost employee productivity, improve security, and reduce costs. With its real-time collaboration tools, advanced security features, and cloud storage capabilities, you can work more efficiently and effectively. 

Intelliworx delivers fully managed Microsoft 365 and Office 365 environments to customers across a range of sectors, empowering them a cutting-edge operational IT environment and the freedom to focus on business-critical activities. 

Not all Microsoft 365 implementations are created equal

Many businesses have struggled to get the most out of the Microsoft suite due to inadequate planning and poor execution. This is where Intelliworx comes in.  

We have extensive practical experience in implementing Microsoft 365 from both a user and technical standpoint, and we can help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure that your implementation is a success.

  1. Assess your needs: We will assess your current IT infrastructure and needs to determine the best way to implement Microsoft 365 for your business. 
  2. Design and deploy: We will design and deploy a Microsoft 365 solution that meets your specific needs and requirements. 
  3. Train your employees: We will train your employees on how to use Microsoft 365 so that they can get the most out of the service. 
  4. Relocate your data: We can help you with data migration from your existing IT infrastructure to Microsoft 365. This can be a complex process, but we have the expertise and experience to make it smooth and seamless. 
  5. Provide ongoing support: We will provide ongoing support for your Microsoft 365 solution to ensure that it is always up and running. 

AI-Powered Productivity With Copilot For Microsoft 365

Streamline workflows and eliminate overwhelm with Copilot for Microsoft 365. As your intelligent AI assistant, Copilot is designed to transform the way you work.

  • Reduce Busywork and Reclaim Your Time: Delegate repetitive tasks to Copilot, freeing yourself to tackle strategic initiatives and unleash your creativity.
  • Master Information Overload: Stop drowning in information. Copilot helps you identify key details instantly, so you can focus on what truly matters.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Reduce time spent managing emails and optimise your meetings. Copilot delivers AI-powered summaries, transcripts, and recordings, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Managed Office 365 Migration

  • Set up a new Microsoft 365 tenancy  
  • Configure licenses and security settings 
  • Audit users and groups  
  • Conduct test migrations 
  • Sync relevant services from your existing platform

Managed Office 365 Adoption

  • Enhance your grasp of Microsoft 365's communication, collaboration, and productivity capabilities.
  • Develop a communication roadmap to minimise obstacles and risks.
  • Conduct targeted workshops involving key stakeholders for effective adoption, integration, and utilisation. 

Managed Office 365 Security

  • Identify gaps between your current and ideal Microsoft 365 security performance. 
  • Analyse your existing Microsoft 365 and Azure tenancy. 
  • Receive a full assessment of your cloud-based infrastructure and benchmarked remediation and practice controls. 

Managed Office 365 Data Loss Prevention

  • Scope, design, and implement tailored labelling policies for proper content classification.
  • Implement Data Loss Prevention policies to safeguard data in Microsoft 365. 
  • Standard provision of documented data label and policy sets. 

Managed Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

  • Email, schedule, and calendar 
  • File storage and sharing 
  • Analytics and integration 
  • Advanced security and compliance 
  • Device management and deployment 
  • Web and mobile versions of Office apps for Android and iOS 
  • Desktop versions of Office apps for PC and Mac 

Microsoft 365 is the industry-leading cloud-based full productivity suite. 70% of Fortune 500 firms would agree.

Why Choose Intelliworx for M365 Consulting Services

In our remote-first world, you can rely on Intelliworx to leverage M365 consulting services to its fullest potential so your employees can work seamlessly, securely and collaboratively – no matter where they are. We do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on supporting your business. 

  • Gain access to our team of industry experts to align your business requirements against Microsoft 365 solutions. 
  • Unlock productivity and profitability through apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Teams. 
  • Experience accelerated deployment timeframes, real-time collaboration, advanced security, and cloud storage benefits. 
  • Keep up with the new releases from Microsoft, tailored specifically to your Modern Workplace roadmap. 
  • Our dedicated M365 consultants will work with you every step of the way as an extension of your IT department or independently to provide you with ongoing support, management, and training. 


Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services help businesses get the most out of robust tools and applications including Microsoft-exclusive intelligent features. These services encompass planning, implementing, and optimising M365 usage, adoption, migration, implementation, and development. Intelliworx offers all-inclusive Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services to ensure that everyone in your organisation can work, manage, communicate, and collaborate from any device, anywhere.

Through the exceptional guidance of our M365 consultants, your business can: 

  • Harness the full potential of Microsoft 365 productivity and collaboration tools to improve efficiency, streamline processes, and boost innovation. 
  • Boost your cybersecurity capabilities, enhance your data privacy, and meet your regulatory requirements. 
  • Expedite digitalisation, boost your employee experience, and ensure a future-proof competitive workplace. 

End users may struggle to complete day-to-day tasks because they are overwhelmed with the many rich features of Microsoft 365 – or they simply don’t know how to properly utilise these features. Our Microsoft 365 consultants can tailor your tenant configuration to precisely match your unique requirements. We adeptly eliminate any unnecessary features, ensuring a streamlined user experience that promptly delivers essential information as and when required. 

Microsoft 365 uses automatic encryption, encryption in transit, and encryption at rest to keep your data safe. This means that your data is protected whether it is being sent, stored, or both. The encryption keys are stored in Microsoft’s data centres and are protected by physical security and access controls. Microsoft 365 is also compliant with industry standards like ISO 27001 and HIPAA. 

Microsoft 365 offers data protection, data subject rights, data transfer, and auditing that can help your organisation with GDPR compliance. With its Microsoft Privacy Centre, the GDPR Compliance Toolkit, and the GDPR Compliance Program, your business can fortify your data privacy and protection posture regardless of size or location. 

Intelliworx: Your Microsoft 365 Consulting Experts

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Intelliworx excels in delivering top-tier Microsoft 365 consulting services, helping businesses of all sizes harness the full potential of this productivity suite. 

Local Expertise, Global Impact: With our locally based team, you receive personalised, on-the-ground support while accessing the global capabilities of Microsoft 365. 

Certified Excellence: Our team of certified professionals brings extensive knowledge and experience in Microsoft 365, ensuring your organisation’s productivity and collaboration strategy is in expert hands. 

Accountability at Its Core: We take your Microsoft 365 journey seriously, ensuring that you achieve your desired outcomes efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Tailored Solutions: We offer flexible and tailored support that aligns precisely with your specific Microsoft 365 requirements. 

Available When You Need Us: We understand the importance of uninterrupted productivity. Count on us to be there whenever you require assistance or guidance with Microsoft 365. 

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