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Network Penetration Testing Services

Uncover Hidden Threats, Strengthen Defences

Exposing hidden weaknesses, our meticulous pen tests ensure comprehensive security. We eliminate blind spots, fortifying your business against evolving threats. Trust our precision testing for compliance with ISO, PCI DSS, SOC 2 & more.

Penetration testing, commonly known as pen testing, is a proactive cybersecurity practice that utilises ethical hacking to assess the strength of a system’s security posture. This involves simulating real-world cyberattacks using the same tools and techniques employed by malicious actors. Through controlled and authorised attacks, pen testers uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the system, allowing for their identification and timely remediation before they can be exploited by actual attackers.

Penetration testing follows a careful and structured process to identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. First, the scope and goals are defined. Then, information is gathered about the system’s architecture and vulnerabilities. After that, the system is scanned to identify weaknesses that attackers could exploit. Finally, a report is created detailing the vulnerabilities and recommendations for fixing them.

Why Penetration Testing Is Important For Your Business

1. Securing Major Infrastructure Changes:

Implementing significant alterations, like network upgrades or cloud migrations, requires ensuring these changes don’t introduce vulnerabilities. Penetration testing validates the resilience of these changes against cyber threats, safeguarding your security posture.

2. Launching Secure Products and Services:

Introducing new offerings expands your attack surface. Penetration testing helps identify and address security gaps in these products and services, securing their launch and protecting valuable customer data.

3. Merging and Acquiring with Confidence:

Mergers and acquisitions involve integrating diverse systems, networks, and applications. Penetration testing ensures a smooth consolidation of security measures, detecting and addressing vulnerabilities arising from the integration process for a secure transition.

4. Meeting Compliance Requirements:

Compliance with security standards like GDPR, ISO, SOC 2, or PCI DSS demands robust security measures. Penetration testing validates your security controls, verifying compliance with regulatory requirements and safeguarding sensitive data.

5. Enhancing Bidding Competitiveness:

Large commercial contracts often have stringent security requirements. Penetration testing demonstrates your commitment to robust security practices, enhancing your credibility and competitive edge during the bidding process.

6. Securing Custom Applications:

Custom applications may introduce unique security risks. Penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities in these applications, helping you rectify security flaws and ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the data they handle.

How Intelliworx’s Penetration Testing Works

Network Testing (Internal & External):

Intelliworx thoroughly investigates your network for vulnerabilities, analysing both internal and external aspects. We simulate real-world attack scenarios to identify potential data compromise risks, classify overall cybersecurity threats, prioritise vulnerabilities, and provide actionable recommendations to mitigate risks.

Web Application Testing:

We delve deep into the security of web applications critical to your business success. Our ethical hacking services rigorously scrutinise websites and web apps, identifying vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting flaws, and issues in application logic and session management. This ensures robust protection against cyber threats.

Cloud Penetration Testing:

Our tailored cloud security assessments expertly navigate the complexities of various cloud providers’ rules. By uncovering vulnerabilities specific to cloud environments, we help your organisation address potential risks that might expose critical assets, ensuring comprehensive cloud security.

Wireless Testing:

Unsecured wireless networks pose significant threats to your organisation’s security. Our wireless penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities within these networks, quantifies potential damage, and provides actionable remediation strategies to fortify your defences and prevent intrusions.

Mobile Security Testing:

As the usage of mobile apps continues to grow, we conduct comprehensive assessments of mobile applications. Our evaluation, utilising the latest security testing tools and frameworks, effectively identifies vulnerabilities specific to mobile platforms, ensuring secure customer interactions and data protection.

Social Engineering:

Recognising the inherent vulnerability of humans, our social engineering pen test assesses your system’s and personnel’s responses to simulated email phishing attacks. This service evaluates your organisation’s readiness to detect and mitigate social engineering threats, ultimately reducing risks associated with human error.

Tailored Penetration Testing for UK Industries

Legal Legal

Challenge: Safeguard confidential client data and legal documents.
Solution: Pen testing identifies weaknesses in systems, preventing breaches and upholding client trust.

Healthcare Healthcare

Challenge: Secure patient records and medical systems.
Solution: Pen testing ensures compliance with NHS (National Health Service) Digital regulations and protects patient data.

Non-Profits Non-Profits

Challenge: Protect donor information and maintain trust with supporters.
Solution: Pen testing secures systems and ensures compliance with GDPR, safeguarding sensitive data.

Professional Services Professional Services

Challenge: Prevent data leaks of client information and intellectual property.
Solution: Pen testing safeguards sensitive information and builds trust with clients.

Small Businesses Small Businesses

Challenge: Limited resources to protect against cyber threats.
Solution: Pen testing secures networks and prevents data breaches, ensuring business continuity.

Financial Services Financial Services

Challenge: Defend against cyber attacks targeting financial transactions.
Solution: Pen testing secures banking systems and protects customer data, complying with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations.

How Does Intelliworx’s Penetration Testing Benefit Your Team?

Vulnerability Scanning:
Our advanced tools and methodologies meticulously scan your network, systems, and applications to identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This comprehensive assessment provides a clear picture of areas requiring immediate attention to strengthen your security posture.

Red Team/Blue Team Testing:
This simulated attack and defence exercise replicates real-world scenarios by pitting two teams against each other: The Red Team simulates cyberattacks, attempting to breach your security. The Blue Team defends against these attacks, identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities. This collaborative approach evaluates and enhances your overall security posture, ensuring preparedness for real-world cyber threats.

Network Penetration Testing:
We thoroughly assess your network infrastructure’s resilience against unauthorised access, data breaches, and other potential threats. This involves simulating cyberattacks to uncover vulnerabilities in your network architecture, security protocols, and access controls.


Mobile Application Penetration Testing:
Tailored specifically to mobile platforms, this testing ensures the security of your mobile applications. We identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring secure functionality.

Web Application Penetration Testing:
We conduct a comprehensive examination of your web applications, scrutinising their architecture, authentication mechanisms, and potential attack surfaces. This thorough assessment identifies vulnerabilities that could be exploited for unauthorised access, data breaches, or malicious code injection.

Remote Access Security Tests:
We evaluate the security protocols and measures in place for remote access to your systems and network. This assessment identifies weaknesses that could be exploited by unauthorized users attempting remote access, ensuring secure remote connectivity.

Social Engineering Tests:
We simulate social manipulation techniques commonly employed by cybercriminals to assess your employees’ awareness of potential security risks. This raises awareness about social engineering tactics, enhancing your organisation’s overall security posture.

Access Point Identification:
We comprehensively identify and assess all potential access points to your systems, networks, and physical premises. This proactive approach helps in fortifying security measures to prevent unauthorised access and proactively mitigate potential risks.

Actionable Cybersecurity Insights from a Microsoft Solutions Partner

Uncover vulnerabilities and protect your business with Intelliworx’s trusted pen testing services. Our experts simulate real-world attacks to identify weaknesses in your network, systems, and applications. We provide you with actionable recommendations to prioritise and mitigate risks, ensuring comprehensive security for your organisation.

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