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Managed Security Operations Center

Safeguarding Critical Assets, Empowering Your Digital Future

As your organisation’s security nerve centre, your Managed SOC is where the heartbeat of your cybersecurity efforts pulsates, constantly vigilant against potential threats. At Intelliworx, we safeguard your high-stakes digital assets with unwavering commitment. Our UK-based managed security operations centre (SOC) defends your enterprise, ensuring resilience against evolving cyber threats. Experience empowered digital growth with our vigilant protection.

A Managed SOC (Security Operations Centre as a Service) is a critical component of an organisation’s cybersecurity posture. It acts as the central hub where a team of dedicated cybersecurity experts continuously monitor, assess, and defend your organisation’s information systems. These systems encompass everything from websites and applications to databases, data centres, servers, networks, desktops, and other endpoints.

A managed SOC works by first assessing your existing security infrastructure and identifying potential vulnerabilities. Tailored security tools are then deployed and configured to meet your specific needs. Your network and infrastructure are continuously monitored 24/7 for potential threats using a combination of automated tools and human analysts. When a threat is detected, it’s investigated and mitigated if deemed real. Finally, regular reports are provided detailing the types of threats detected, response times, and your overall security posture. This comprehensive solution allows you to focus on your core business while leaving security monitoring and response to a team of experts.

Why A Managed SOC Is Important For Your Business

  1. Reduced Cybersecurity Headcount Costs
    The global cybersecurity skills shortage makes finding and hiring qualified professionals difficult and expensive. A SOC provides immediate access to a diverse team of experts, eliminating the financial burden of internal recruitment and training, allowing your organisation to focus resources on core business activities.
  2. Minimised Dwell Time and Financial Impact
    Dwell time, the period an attacker remains undetected within your network, can have severe financial consequences. A SOC significantly reduces dwell time from months to minutes, minimising potential damage and financial losses associated with data breaches and cyber attacks.
  3. Reliable 24/7 Monitoring
    Cyber threats are relentless, operating around the clock regardless of business hours. A SOC provides continuous vigilance, proactively hunting and monitoring for threats 24/7, including during holidays and weekends, ensuring your organisation remains protected even when traditional business operations are paused.
  4. Efficient Threat Triage, Remediation, and Isolation
    The SOC streamlines the process of identifying and responding to potential threats through efficient threat triage. This involves prioritising confirmed incidents and providing remediation guidance, solutions, or a combination of both to address them swiftly and effectively. Additionally, the SOC can isolate affected devices to prevent further spread of the threat, minimising damage and facilitating rapid recovery.
  5. Enhanced Security Stack Insight and Compatibility
    Managed SOC services seamlessly integrate with existing security technologies within your organisation’s security stack, including firewalls, antivirus solutions, and more. This provides comprehensive visibility across all attack vectors, empowering the SOC to identify and respond to threats effectively. A single, unified platform consolidates security information, enabling more informed decision-making and improved situational awareness.

How Intelliworx’s Managed SOC Works

Identify Potential Threats

  • Monitor network traffic, system logs, and security intelligence feeds for anomalies.
  • Identify suspicious activity, intrusion attempts, and vulnerabilities.

Prevent Security Threats

  • Implement access controls, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems.
  • Actively manage vulnerabilities through patching and updates.

Detect Security Threats

  • Monitor network activity for unusual behaviour and malicious patterns.
  • Utilise threat intelligence feeds and EDR solutions for early detection.

Respond to Security Threats

  • Contain the threat to prevent further spread.
  • Investigate the incident to determine root cause and scope.
  • Remediate the threat by removing malware, patching vulnerabilities, and disabling compromised accounts.

Recover From Security Threats

  • Restore data from backups to minimise data loss.
  • Patch systems to address exploited vulnerabilities.
  • Recover user accounts after ensuring proper security measures.
  • Review and improve security posture to prevent future incidents.

Customised Managed SOC for UK Industries

Legal Industry

In a world where confidentiality and trust are paramount, a Managed SOC becomes a cornerstone of security for law firms. Continuous monitoring and rapid response capabilities ensure the protection of sensitive client information. This proactive approach goes beyond simply reacting to breaches; it actively prevents them, fostering client trust and safeguarding sensitive data.

Healthcare Sector

For healthcare organisations entrusted with patient privacy, a Managed SOC acts as a vigilant guardian. 24/7 monitoring ensures compliance with regulations like the Data Protection Act while safeguarding patient data from cyber threats. Real-time detection and swift incident response mitigate risks, ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive medical information.

Financial Services & Insurance

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, protecting data integrity and combating financial fraud are crucial. A Managed SOC offers real-time threat monitoring, providing an extra layer of security for financial data and ensuring compliance with regulations like PCI DSS. This proactive approach fosters trust among clients and safeguards sensitive information.

Professional & Business Services

For professional service firms entrusted with client data and intellectual property, a Managed SOC provides invaluable protection. By proactively securing sensitive information and preventing data leaks, it upholds confidentiality and maintains the integrity of consultancy or CRM systems. This, in turn, fosters client trust and ensures the success of professional services.

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

SMBs often lack the resources to dedicate to cybersecurity. A Managed SOC bridges this gap by providing cost-effective, round-the-clock monitoring. This protects against cyber threats, secures customer data, and ensures business continuity through swift threat response. It's a cost-effective solution that empowers SMBs to compete safely in the digital age.

Not-for-Profit Sector

Non-profit organisations entrusted with donor information and subject to regulations like GDPR can greatly benefit from a Managed SOC. It safeguards donor data, ensuring compliance and maintaining trust among supporters. By preventing potential breaches, a Managed SOC protects the organisation's reputation and allows it to focus on fulfilling its mission without the burden of cyber threats.

How Does Intelliworx’s Managed SOC Benefit Your Team?

Managed SIEM:

Intelliworx’s Managed SOC leverages a robust SIEM solution to act as your organisation’s central nervous system for security. This powerful tool gathers and analyses security data from various sources across your network, providing a holistic view of your security posture. Real-time monitoring and intelligent event correlation enable rapid detection and response to potential threats, ensuring your organisation stays ahead of the curve.

Advanced Threat Detection:

Intelliworx doesn’t just wait for threats to emerge. Our Managed SOC employs cutting-edge technologies and expert analysis to proactively identify potential threats, anomalies, and indicators of compromise within your network. This proactive approach helps prevent security breaches before they escalate, protecting your sensitive data and ensuring business continuity.

24/7 Monitoring and Management:

Your security can’t afford to take a break. Intelliworx’s Managed SOC provides round-the-clock surveillance and management of your security infrastructure. Our team of experts monitors your systems constantly, ensuring immediate detection of suspicious activities and security incidents. Even during off-hours, our vigilant team is ready to respond swiftly, minimising the potential impact of any security event.

Proactive Investigation:

Not all alerts are created equal. Intelliworx’s Managed SOC team meticulously investigates every alert and potential security incident, differentiating false positives from genuine threats. This in-depth analysis allows us to take swift and targeted action to address any real risks, ensuring your resources are directed towards the most critical issues.

Security Incident Remediation:

The moment a security incident is identified, Intelliworx’s Managed SOC team springs into action. Our comprehensive incident response plan includes containment measures to limit the impact of the breach, eradication strategies to eliminate the threat, and recovery steps to restore your systems and operations to a secure state. We work diligently to minimise downtime and ensure your business can resume normal operations as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive System Rollbacks:

In the unfortunate event of a security breach, Intelliworx’s Managed SOC offers comprehensive system rollbacks. This process systematically restores affected systems to a known, secure state, ensuring your critical data and infrastructure remain protected. By rolling back to a secure state, we minimise the damage caused by the breach and help your organisation recover swiftly.

Don't Sleep on Security: Secure Your IT with Managed SOC from a Microsoft Solutions Partner

Imagine having a 24/7 security command centre working tirelessly to protect your organisation, without the need to invest in expensive software, hardware, or training. That’s the power of Intelliworx’s Managed SOC.

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