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IT Project Management Service

Seamless IT Project Management, London

Gain competitive advantage through agile, innovative digital transformation solutions. 

Scale up your business with professional IT project management services

Timely, budget-friendly project delivery.
Predictable pricing on projects and consultancy.
Full transparency and project governance.
Outcome assurance with a reliable management team.

Need Help?

Our seasoned team of London-based, certified IT experts are experienced in designing and deploying solutions on-premise and in both our Multi-Tenant Cloud and Azure. We can manage your complex projects right from the consulting stage, advising on optimal solutions while offering detailed solution designs. Our IT project management solutions operate under the best industry practices, with delivery by certified experts who will ensure that your business receives the best value from your new and existing IT infrastructure.

Empower your business to respond to change through transformational solutions

Citrix Projects

Delivery of cost-effective Citrix solutions to clients via our Multi-Tenant Cloud platform.

Seamless data access

We’ll provide your distributed workforce with secure, on-demand access to data wherever needed.

Microsoft 365 Projects

Migration of your on-premise Exchange server to cloud-based Microsoft 365.

Improved collaboration

We’ll empower your team with improved collaboration using Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Sharepoint.

Invest in your IT infrastructure with certified experts

In our fast-changing world where emerging technology is an enabling force for many businesses, digital transformation solutions are key to helping you gain the agility that you need to beat the competition. Therefore, investing in better IT infrastructure and efficient network systems is not a luxury but a necessity for maximising profit.

We are equipped to help you design and deploy cutting edge IT solutions and projects of all sizes, according to your budget. With the expertise of our London-based, certified technicians, you are sure to enjoy assured project success, with excellent network performance resulting in growth, expansion, and higher overall business profit.

Premium IT Project Management team in London

INTELLIWORX London provides a locally based, highly skilled teams of industry professionals to assist you with your IT needs. Whether you require long-term management or short-term consultancy, we can provide you with flexible options and services to suit you. Our support team is available 24/7 year-round, so you can be guaranteed that we are available and ready to do what needs to be done to secure success for your business.

Our team of IT support consultants are standing by to help, so why not give them a call to discuss how best they can service your business.

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