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Teams Premium is here, but do you need it?

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration solution for businesses of all sizes – from small teams to large enterprises. It offers an array of features that enable teams to collaborate, communicate and stay organised.

But with the preview release of Microsoft Teams Premium, users can unlock even more features and capabilities, like advanced analytics, custom branding, and improved security. Does your business need Microsoft Teams Premium? From understanding what’s included to getting the most out of the platform, this article will help you unlock the power of Microsoft Teams Premium.

Overview of Microsoft Teams Premium

Microsoft Teams is a tool that enables seamless collaboration across teams and departments. It offers a plethora of features, including integrations with other productivity apps, rich functionality for effective team communication, and the ability to create automated workflows.

MS Teams Premium version comes with advanced features for larger enterprises. These features give users greater control over their teams and the platform. This includes access to advanced analytics, custom branding, and improved security features.

Features of Microsoft Teams Premium

Now that we’ve provided an overview of Microsoft Teams Premium, let’s dive into the key features of this powerful version. Microsoft Teams Premium comes with a handful of advanced features that will enhance your user experience. Let’s go over some of the key features you need to know about.

  • Advanced analytics: This feature allows you to have a better understanding of your team by providing deep insights into user behaviour. With advanced analytics, you can measure the time users spend on their tasks, the number of messages sent, various activity levels, and more. You can also explore patterns in user behaviour to discover areas of improvement. These insights can help you improve collaboration by providing insights that help you improve areas such as productivity, engagement, and collaboration.
  • Custom branding: Businesses can now fully brand their Microsoft Teams experience with this feature. It allows you to create a unique brand for your team that is consistent across every channel – including chats, audio/video calls, and more. This is a great way to give your team its own identity and set itself apart from other teams.
  • Meeting guides: This feature is intended to help users pick the right meeting experience (i.e., a client call, brainstorming meeting, help desk support, etc.). IT administrators can set options for meeting types and customise them, thus creating preset options.
  • Advanced meeting protection: security will be enhanced by providing board meetings, financial discussions, and product launch plan security tools. Watermarks, for instance, will be used to deter leaks and only recording devices will be allowed.
  • Advanced webinars: Webinars will have features like virtual green rooms for hosts and presenters, automatic reminder emails, and a registration waitlist.
  • AI-generated tasks: Action items are automatically generated from meetings using artificial intelligence.
  • Intelligent recap: shares highlights and automatically captures the important parts of the meeting.
  • AI-powered live translation: 40 spoken languages, live captioned translations

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Premium

Now that we know what features are offered in the premium version of Microsoft Teams, let’s dive into the key benefits this version offers.

Improved collaboration: The premium version of Microsoft Teams offers advanced features that help improve collaboration across teams and departments. These include advanced analytics and the ability to create automated workflows, among others. These features enable you to track the performance of key tasks, identify areas of improvement, and create more effective processes.

Better productivity: Microsoft Teams offers robust tools that help you boost productivity. With the premium version, you can access more features that will help you improve productivity. Some of these features include advanced analytics, the ability to create automated workflows, and rich communication capabilities.

Enhanced security: Teams Premium allows your business to keep confidential information secret on calls, protecting against intellectual property theft and ensuring data privacy compliance is maintained.

How to make the most of Microsoft Teams Premium

Harness the power of Microsoft Teams Premium for your business with the Microsoft Teams specialists at INTELLIWORX. We can help you assess which features and tools are best for you and then develop a plan to meet your needs, to get the most can help you get the most from this new version of Teams.

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