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The benefits of windows 11 virtual desktop

The modern world of business is a fast-paced, dynamic environment that requires employees to be productive and collaborative at all times. For this reason, many companies are adopting virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions as a way to streamline employee access to applications and data. To meet these needs while also improving security and lowering costs, many businesses are implementing Windows 11 Virtual Desktop solutions.

Virtual desktop in Windows 11

Virtual desktops are software-based desktops that allow employees to access their computer resources from any device. This solution enables businesses to centralise their resources and control access to sensitive applications and data. Additionally, virtual desktops allow employees to work from anywhere, allowing businesses to accommodate fluctuating workforces. With a virtual desktop solution in place, businesses can enhance their employees’ experience and increase their productivity.

Microsoft recently released Windows 11, a major operating system upgrade that replaces Windows 10. The interface has been redesigned to inspire productivity and creativity, with improvements to Microsoft Teams and Android app support, and additional features such as virtual desktops. Windows 11 provides a number of features that make it ideal for VDI, including the ability to work with multiple inputs and displays, support for advanced graphics and improved data processing, and a user interface that can be resized and moved across different devices. With Windows 11 Virtual Desktops, employees can now access everything they need to be productive from any device and any location, allowing your organisation to operate more efficiently and securely.

Benefits of Windows 11 VD

Technology powers today’s fast-moving workplaces, from endpoint device management to network security measures. Your organisation needs to have a firm grasp on the data and applications that drive your business processes and workflows.

Windows 11 VD offers a number of benefits that help your business to achieve both maximum efficiency and productivity:

Increased security

Virtual desktops run inside virtual machines are stored on a server and distributed over a network. The VDI and virtualised desktop environments are controlled centrally for configuration, security, and overall management, as well as for the data.

The benefits of centralised VD are largely responsible for the advantages it offers in terms of security. For example, since configurations, security settings, and applications are all centrally managed, updates can be applied quickly and simultaneously across all virtual desktops in the event of a security threat. Centrally stored and managed data also streamlines backup and disaster recovery efforts in the event it is needed.

Increased productivity

Virtual desktops can go anywhere, and is perfect for employees who work remotely, have satellite offices, or bring work home. BYOD (bring your own device) is also available – the employer may provide a terminal in the office and employees can use whatever device they prefer outside the office.

Virtual desktops help you and your team stay on track and avoid distractions, organise and switch between virtual desktops and their applications seamlessly. Employees can move between desktops without disrupting documents or programs with just a click of a button.

Improved business continuity

Virtual desktops are an important solution for businesses seeking continuity. Virtual desktops ensure that employees have access to the tools and applications they need to be successful, no matter what occurs. Whether natural disasters or other events happen, the ability for employees to quickly access data and programs helps to keep your organisation functioning continuously.

Lower costs

Virtual desktops have minimal hardware requirements, which means reducing the need to upgrade endpoint devices. By choosing Windows 11 on Azure Virtual Desktop, you can eliminate almost all upfront hardware costs and transform those from capital expense to operational expense.

Innovate your business with Windows 11 virtual desktop

Windows 11 VD is the ideal solution for enterprises looking to improve security, productivity, and manageability while also reducing costs. The Azure consultants at INTELLIWORX specialise in helping businesses make the most of Microsoft’s solutions, whether you want more streamlined workflows or leverage the cost effectiveness of virtual desktops. Talk to the team at INTELLIWORX today to empower your business with the tools it needs to succeed.

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