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Building on Success: Biogen Australia Enhances IT Support Infrastructure

Seeking to bolster its existing IT support structure, Biogen Australia, a leading pharmaceutical company, launched a strategic initiative to enhance employee experience. The initiative focused on optimising response times and resource allocation for both ongoing support and larger projects, building upon the existing service desk's capacity to manage high volumes of requests. This proactive approach demonstrates Biogen Australia's commitment to providing its employees with a seamless and efficient IT environment.

The Client

Founded in 1982, Biogen Australia is a leading affiliate of Biogen Inc., a global biotechnology company dedicated to discovering, developing, and delivering life-changing therapies for people living with serious neurological and rare diseases. Headquartered in Melbourne, Biogen Australia serves patients and healthcare professionals across the country with a dedicated team committed to scientific excellence and patient advocacy. Biogen Australia champions innovation and collaboration, partnering with research institutions, healthcare professionals, and patient communities to advance scientific understanding and improve patient outcomes.

The Business Need

Biogen Australia, a leading pharmaceutical company, embarked on a strategic initiative to optimise its IT support infrastructure. This decision was driven by the need to address three key areas:

  • High Volume of IT Requests: Biogen Australia’s service desk managed a substantial volume of IT requests, averaging over 500 tickets per month. While this demonstrates a proactive workforce, it also presented potential challenges.
  • Potential for Response Delays: With a high volume of tickets, there was a risk of extended response times for individual issues. This could potentially impact employee productivity and cause frustration.
  • Resource Allocation: Biogen’s internal IT team, responsible for managing ongoing support alongside potentially complex projects, might have faced limitations in available resources.

The Solution

To address Biogen Australia’s evolving IT support needs, Intelliworx implemented a comprehensive managed IT solution featuring a dedicated, on-site service desk agent.

  • First Point of Contact: The dedicated service desk agent acts as the initial touchpoint for all employee IT requests, streamlining communication and issue resolution.
  • Personalised Support: The agent provides immediate and personalised attention to each employee’s IT needs, fostering a positive user experience.
  • Swift Issue Resolution: The agent prioritises and resolves issues efficiently, minimising downtime and ensuring employee productivity.

Beyond fostering a positive user experience for employees, this solution unlocks significant efficiency gains for Biogen’s IT management. By freeing up internal resources, the team can now dedicate their expertise to high-impact projects, positively impacting Biogen’s future.

Collaboratively implementing a comprehensive managed IT strategy addressed Biogen's key IT objectives. This resulted in a significant reduction in response times, enhanced collaboration capabilities through upgraded meeting room technology, and cost optimisation through hardware standardisation. Witnessing Biogen's success in achieving its IT goals is a testament to the effectiveness of our partnership and our commitment to continuous innovation and service excellence

Blake Jeffery

General Manager Australia Intelliworx

The Results

Biogen Australia experienced significant improvements in IT management, employee satisfaction, and response times after implementing a dedicated service desk agent.

  • Enhanced IT Management: The dedicated service desk agent streamlined communication and issue resolution, allowing Biogen’s internal IT team to focus on more strategic initiatives and complex projects.
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction: By providing immediate and personalised support, the agent fostered a positive user experience for employees, leading to greater satisfaction with IT services.
  • Reduced Response Times: The on-site agent prioritised and resolved issues efficiently, minimising downtime and ensuring employees received prompt assistance, improving overall productivity.
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