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5 ways Microsoft’s Modern Workplace can empower your employees

Microsoft has been on a quest to transform its workplace into a modern one. It has done so by not only redesigning physical space, but also by improving how it works with people and giving them a voice.

Employees across many industries can now choose from different work areas. In the face of the pandemic, remote working has become increasingly common, and many people have taken to this new situation with gusto. A recent survey stated that 78% of Australians feel they are more productive when given the option to work from home.

Microsoft responded to this situation swiftly, and now its Modern Workplace supports both the physical and social needs of employees.

What is Microsoft’s Modern Workplace?

Microsoft’s new generation Office 365 suite is designed for user device adaptability. Now, employees expect to be able to work from anywhere, and the company has taken this into account in order to provide vital, secure IT assets aimed at increasing work efficiency and co-worker communications.

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace was created to empower users to work the way they want. Users can connect with their co-workers, managers, and customers easily from any device in any location. Employees can work on documents together when they are in different locations, talking and watching changes develop in real time.

The modern workplace has brought together communications, knowledge, and resources specifically with remote working in mind. Microsoft’s modern workplace is the new normal of working, and has strong benefits for your staff and business as a whole.

How Microsoft’s Modern Workplace will empower your staff

  1. More effective collaboration

Employees are more easily able to access tools that provide better communication and collaboration for enhanced business efficiency and productivity. Microsoft Teams in particular enhances this aspect; as an online, chat-based workspace for teamwork, it can be used to collaborate on documents, share ideas in conversation, post tasks and assign them to team members.

The chat system provides real-time voice and video calling easily, regardless of location or user device.

  1. Time-consuming tasks automated

The modern 365 suite contains tools that streamline business processes by removing repetitive, time-consuming tasks from employees by automating them. Automation helps to improve employee productivity and efficiency and reduce human error in your day-to-day business operations.

The 365 suite has an Office Hub which automatically syncs all documents across all devices, giving employees the ability to access any file on any of their devices. This saves everyone the drudgery of constantly accessing the company network drives to update documents or emailing them through, which can easily lead to lost files or missed updates.

Another benefit is Microsoft Power Platform, a group of products that let users build and automate business processes. Its programs and tools allow users to connect different apps and services to run automated workflows, build customised apps and chatbots, and analyse data.

  1. Better experience for remote teams

The new platforms, tools, and apps offered by Microsoft’s Modern Workplace were designed to not only enhance employee collaboration, but nurture their well-being in the digital workplace. They can stay on top of their work and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The employee-focused apps and tools are aimed at promoting employee engagement, learning, and well-being, which helps businesses better connect with and support their remote teams.

With the modern workplace, your remote employees will be able to feel like they are part of an more interactive, connected experience that cares about their well-being.

  1. Enhanced security means safe working, anywhere

Remote working does not just mean working from home, it means working from anywhere in the world. Your employees may decide they want to work at a café, and use public WiFi. Someone may lose their device while commuting.

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace has you covered in all situations with its enhanced security. Its unified endpoint management gives you tighter endpoint and cloud security, and device management.

Your employees are empowered to work anywhere, and you are safe in the knowledge that your data is secure and protected.

  1. Greater scalability for remote working

Businesses are faced with the responsibility of finding a scalable way to maintain control of their digital workplaces. Microsoft’s Modern Workplace provides self-service in such a way that allows employees to access an account that can be shared, requires little IT assistance, and saves money.

In a recent survey, 84.1% of respondents said giving their employees self-service functionality in Microsoft 365 saved their in-house IT departments time and money. Self-service empowers employees by giving them greater control over their workloads, while Microsoft’s communication tools and apps ensure that all workloads are able to be viewed and collaborated on.

Empower your employees for the modern workplace

In this modern digital age, you need to keep up with digital transformation and offer your employees the freedom to choose how they work. Microsoft’s Modern Workplace is the answer: greater security, communication, and employee satisfaction for a remote working environment your business needs.

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