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Why your business needs multi-factor authentication

The last few years have seen an alarming increase in cyber-attacks on businesses. With the shift to remote and now hybrid work environments, more organisations than ever before are vulnerable to security breaches. 

Data security is paramount to ensuring your business stays operational, which means implementing appropriate data protection measures. Data protection comes in many forms, from keeping information secure on company devices and secure network connections to keeping physical records secure. 

The most basic form of data protection is making sure only people who need to use data have access to it. The consequences of not ensuring only authorised people access your network can be severe, leading to financial loss and damage to your business reputation. 

Using a strong password is crucial when safeguarding business networks and data, particularly if users have elevated permissions. A strong password can prevent malicious actors from accessing user accounts and your business network. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the next phase in safeguarding your business data.

What is multi-factor authentication? 

Simply put, multi-factor authentication increases security by requiring users to log in with a password in addition to at least one other form of authentication. It is an extra layer of security for passwords and account logins. 

Token-based and credential-based multi-factor authentication are the most prevalent types. When using token-based multi-factor authentication, the user logs in with their username and password as usual, and then enters a token that has been provided. Credential based MFA requires a code to be entered that is provided after the user logs in with their username and password. 

Authentication methods can include:

  • SMS verifications
  • Push notifications
  • Biometrics information (thumbprint, face recognition)
  • Phone calls
  • Email verification
  • Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)

multi-factor authentication

Why your business needs MFA security

Improved security posture 

Weaknesses in your cybersecurity lead to malicious actors exploiting them and results in data theft, malware, or other cyber-attacks. A multi-factor authentication system defends your business against cyber-attacks by providing multiple layers of security, reducing the attack surface significantly. Microsoft’s leading identity security expert says accounts with MFA are almost completely impenetrable to hacking. 

The advantage of multi-factor authentication management is that it is simple and almost completely failsafe as an additional security measure. Creating an engaging user experience and quick sign-in screens for end-users is crucial, to ensure the system works and users are always authenticated before accessing your network.

Enhanced data protection

Data is the lifeblood of any business, and it has become increasingly valuable to cybercriminals who will exploit any weaknesses in your IT environment to access information that can be tampered with, stolen or deleted. Any data breaches cost time and money to detect, mitigate and recover from. 

MFA helps protect systems against both external and internal threats and can be implemented in a variety of ways depending on your organisation’s requirements. MFA can be used to control access to everything from corporate networks to sensitive software suites, ensuring that users are always trusted and authenticated, and can work securely in the knowledge they will not inadvertently cause a data breach. 

Security for remote and hybrid work models

Remote and hybrid work environments are now the norm for most industries and businesses. This has led to consideration of how organisations can ensure the safety of their employees working remotely and in a central office location, at the same time protecting sensitive and critical business data. 

Using a multi-factor authentication solution, your business can ensure that employees’ platforms are not accessed by unauthorised users, while they have access to the resources needed to work remotely and maintain productivity, especially during times of greater risk. 

Secure your business with MFA

In addition to password protection, multi-factor authentication solutions are becoming the new norm in account security. They are an economical and user-friendly way to protect your company against costly data breaches and sophisticated cyber threats. 

By partnering with a cybersecurity specialist to install a multi-factor authentication solution, your business is already in front of the rapidly changing cybersecurity environment and keeping your sensitive data, remote employees, and reputation safe. Contact INTELLIWORX security experts today and secure your business data. 

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