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Top 10 best cyber security companies in London

It is no secret that the cyber world contains dangers that can cripple organisations in the blink of an eye. Businesses must implement strong cyber security practices to best protect themselves and their customers from malicious bodies. But, without the correct knowledge and equipment, improving your company’s digital security frameworks can be challenging.

If you are looking for protective services that support your IT infrastructure, there are 10 London-based businesses that offer comprehensive solutions designed to mitigate the threat posed by disasters and improve corporate reliability.



A leading managed service provider (MSP) with offices north and south of the equator, INTELLIWORX is a cyber security company dedicated to protecting clients’ technology and ensuring that it remains operational for achieving organisational goals. Their team of cyber security experts works as a security operations centre (SOC) – an all-inclusive digital safety taskforce.

INTELLIWORX’s security services also cover penetration testing and managed detection and response. Every solution is focused on your business. If you want cost-efficient, comprehensive support for your company’s IT systems, you cannot overlook INTELLIWORX. 


cyber smart company banner

Specialising in the SME market and offering distinguished cyber security support, the specialists at CyberSmart value teamwork and transparency in their work. With a range of products developed from their expertise, CyberSmart’s team helps clients understand their cyber security risks and puts in place innovative solutions for higher quality protection.

Red Team Partners

redteam company banner

The digital safety experts at Red Team Partners have a deep understanding of current and emerging cyber threats. They use this knowledge to defend their clients’ IT networks while offering services including vulnerability audits, penetration testing, dark web monitoring, and more. With their help, businesses can feel rest assured that their IT systems are reliable and relevant for the times.  


redscan banner image

With services including scenario-based testing and policy reviews, the security specialists at Redscan provide comprehensive solutions for cyber safety. Redscan’s team of experts will monitor your network and data integrity to identify vulnerabilities and solve them 24/7.


transputec banner

With over 35 years’ experience and clients based in London and across the world, Transputec is a comprehensive managed service provider whose specialities cover security as a service, cloud technology, IT consulting, and more. The company’s values of responsiveness, self-growth, sustainability, customer well-being, and enthusiasm define their service and are assets to each of their clients.  


SEP2 company banner

Whether you are looking for a virtual CISO or firewall solutions to protect your IT infrastructure from malware, the security experts at SEP2 provide companies with customisable support and friendly service. The business’s solutions are consistently monitored and assessed to ensure that they are suitable for your company and its needs. 


Cynation company banner

The IT professionals at CyNation combine their knowledge of cyber security with digital transformations to help organisations grow into leading bodies in their field. CyNation’s services cover general cyber support and security training – perfect for keeping their clients’ staff resilient and updated on the latest threats and practices.  


secon - always on so business

With customers in the public and private sectors, Secon was founded in 1999 to provide organisations with cyber security solutions and methods that meet their exact requirements. The talented staff at Secon also offer services in compliance reporting, vulnerability management, and more.

Cyber Uplift

cyber uplift company banner

From safety consulting to managed security services, Cyber Uplift can assist any business struggling with their IT security. The company’s team of cyber experts also offers employee training and development to help businesses stay ahead of the ever-changing IT security landscape.  


Cybance company banner

Cynance’s team of IT experts service a range of industries including gaming, fintech, and technology companies. Cynance’s security services help businesses understand the weaknesses in their IT systems, before offering innovative solutions to fix them. Specifically, Cynance provides organisations with cloud security, ethical hacking, and more.  

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