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What’s the latest in Microsoft 365?

The landscape of work is continuously changing, and Microsoft 365 is spearheading the transformation in how we operate. The most recent updates to Microsoft 365 have made it more potent and adaptable than ever before. These updates are intended to streamline workflows and increase productivity for both individuals and teams through improved communication and collaboration tools and smart automation features.

Updated MFA

Microsoft has recently upgraded its Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system by replacing push notifications with number matching for enhanced security. To avail of this new feature, users need to install the latest version of the Microsoft Authenticator app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for Android devices. The primary objective behind this move is to tackle MFA fatigue and promote better user awareness while approving requests, thereby reducing the risk of cyber attacks.

OneDrive’s Shared with You update

Microsoft is currently improving the Shared with You view on OneDrive to make it more user-friendly. This update will enable users to conveniently access all their shared files and folders from emails, chats, and meetings in one central location. You can track updates through the new activity column and the filter ‘pills’ make it a breeze to search for files, similar to the OneDrive Home view. 

Cloud storage expansion

Microsoft 365 has extended its cloud storage to incorporate data from attachments in and OneDrive. This could lead to a reduction in the available cloud storage for OneDrive. If your cloud storage limit is reached, it might affect your ability to send and receive emails on 

Updates to Outlook Bookings

Outlook now offers a new feature called Bookings with Me that simplifies the meeting scheduling process. You can create custom bookable slots and share them with others, allowing you to schedule one-on-one meetings at your convenience. With the help of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Outlook, you can effortlessly manage your schedule and avoid missing any important appointments or deadlines.

ms365 features

Teams Premium

Microsoft Teams is a highly regarded application in Microsoft 365, and it’s not hard to see why. Teams is a workspace that enables people and teams to communicate through chat, share files, and work together on projects in real time. The introduction of Teams Premium has brought new features to leverage your communication further:

  • AI-powered intelligent recap: suggests action items and assigns owners based on the meeting content. Additionally, advanced recordings have auto generated chapters and can alert you of crucial details, like mentions of your name or screen sharing.
  • Customised meeting branding: create a personalised meeting experience with meeting lobbies, backgrounds, and together modes.
  • Real-time translation: live caption translations for 40 languages in real-time, along with a speaker recognition feature, to ensure that all the information is conveyed during meetings without any omissions.

Take productivity to the next level with the Microsoft experts

Microsoft 365 is transforming the way businesses and organisations operate by providing efficient and effective tools to boost collaboration, communication, and productivty. To make the most out of your Microsoft investment and enhance team productivity, Intelliworx’s Microsoft 365 experts are always ready to help.

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