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Why your business should migrate to M365

On the surface, migrating to Microsoft 365 can simply seem like good business economics, but there are many other advantages that make it a good move. Including the ever popular Office 365 productivity apps such as Word, Excel, and Outlook, the cloud-based service has grown to be one of the most dominant cloud-based technologies of today.

A shift to the cloud can be a significant step for any organisation. Migrating to the cloud is a powerful way to rethink the way your business operates, introducing a range of new tools and products that lets you find new workflows and efficiencies.

Migrating to Microsoft 365 offers businesses the following advantages:

Reduced costs

Microsoft 365 saves businesses money by offering unlimited storage, bandwidth, and CPU cores for their data. This means your business doesn’t have to waste time and money on upgrades to legacy hardware and software systems, or costly maintenance when things go wrong, leading to expensive downtime and business disruptions.

Office 365 is built upon Microsoft’s cloud architecture which means it requires less support than traditional software solutions that use dedicated hardware servers and storage systems. Fixed rate subscriptions make it easy to have certainty over expenses and budgets, translating into lower costs for your organisation.

Increased productivity and accessibility

With the cloud, you can access your data and applications from anywhere in the world, with no need to manage storage space or hardware. Microsoft 365 allows easy management of all of your company’s resources from one place. You no longer have to worry about multiple systems or ageing hardware causing business disruptions to operations and employees.

Additionally, with the enhanced capabilities of the productivity tools within Office 365, employees can collaborate and communicate via chat and video messaging, shared documents, anywhere they are located and at any time. This allows businesses to offer more flexibility with work arrangements, particularly valuable at this time, where remote work models have become the norm.

Enhanced business management

With innovative cloud infrastructure, companies can use data from various sources—such as customer interactions, social media activity, employee performance reviews, and other physical and digital records—to give them a real-time understanding of how their business is performing across the board within minutes instead of hours or days. This speeds up decision making in crisis situations as well as day-to-day operations due to increased accuracy and timeliness.

it person working on their desktop on a it desk

Improved security

With Azure Active Directory integrative security features, Microsoft 365 offers organisations the ability to manage all their user accounts through one platform and ensures business critical data is protected while users are able to connect with the resources needed to fulfil their roles.

Additionally, the integration of cloud-based fraud detection and prevention services helps keep your data safe from unauthorised access. IT administrators can set permissions by employee or by role, which offers greater visibility into who has access to what, but offers complete control and transparency over permissions. Companies with a zero trust security strategy tend to deal better with data breaches. This focuses on ensuring identity and access management principles are upheld, and each user, whether in or outside the organisation network, is authenticated and authorised before accessing data or applications.

Streamlined scalability

Microsoft 365 is the most scalable cloud-based software on the market today. It provides an extremely flexible, customizable platform that can grow with your business needs. You simply add new solutions and storage space as needed. Microsoft 365 easily allows you to adjust your subscription to accommodate productivity changes, and ramp up communication and collaboration without IT getting in the way of business agility.

If your business is growing and you need to hire new talent, it is as simple as adding a new user to your subscription. The capabilities of Microsoft 365 are perfectly designed to empower remote work employees, and the familiar interface of Office 365 means a seamless migration for those companies already using those productivity tools.

Empower your business and migrate to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 enables businesses to work smarter, not harder. With its comprehensive suite of tools and applications, your business and employees are in the best possible position to improve performance and outcomes, achieving growth and success like never before. For strategic insight into how your business can better apply technology and migrate to Microsoft 365, speak to the Microsoft-certified specialists at INTELLIWORX today.

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