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Embracing the future with Microsoft’s Modern Workplace

The business world is different nowadays. Gone are the long commutes to work and the hours we once spent away from our homes, and we really have the pandemic to thank. Because of the pandemic, we have moved away from these traditional working models – shackles if you will – into a world of flexibility, hybridity, and modernity, and employees seem to love it!

According to recent reports, in fact, employees expect their workplaces to get on board with this new future of work sooner rather than later in order to continue having the opportunity to work from home. So, if your business is grasping onto the traditional work model like it’s a life and death situation, you may want to think again because it could damage the future of your business.

At this point, are you left wondering how you are supposed to embrace this new workplace trend successfully, cost-effectively, and efficiently, though? Simple. With Microsoft.

The modern workplace explained

Microsoft are innovators of the digital transformation movement and have been leading the way for employees to work, well, wherever they want, really, and they are able to do so productively, securely, effectively, seamlessly, and successfully with the implementation of Microsoft’s modern workplace.

Microsoft has always been a major player in the technology industry. They have introduced many cutting-edge innovations over the years, with their most recent being the modern workplace. The modern workplace is Microsoft’s answer to the changing needs of employees from every industry.

The goal of this initiative is to provide a collaborative work environment where people are more productive at work and can spend more time on their projects easily and seamlessly regardless of whether they choose to be in an office or not. It is a new blueprint for how people work, and it is designed to be agile, yet productive. Needless to say, they have mastered it effortlessly.

The specifics

Built on the suite of cloud-based Microsoft 365 technologies and productivity apps, the modern workplace includes Microsoft 365 (aka Office 365), Microsoft Business Voice, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Apps – including Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, Power BI – SharePoint, and Azure. It’s literally everything your workforce will ever need to be productive and because it’s cloud-based, it means they can access it in real time from anywhere, making remote work a breeze.

1. Increased employee productivity

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of Microsoft products, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook email client, and Microsoft Teams, which are all focused on enhancing your team’s productivity. It has been designed to save time by providing services that are available on demand, from online storage to collaboration tools that work across devices. All these features are available at an affordable cost, meaning you can benefit from predictable billing.

With Microsoft Office 365 you can save time on email with its quick email tool which scans your inbox and separates emails into the right category. You can also use OneNote as a cloud-based notepad or collaborate with others on documents in real-time with its co-authoring feature.

it persons working on their desktop in office

2. Better Enterprise Mobility + Security

Enterprise Mobility + Security is a cloud-based security suite that combines conditional access with identity and mobile management. The goal of the product is to bring together the best capabilities of Azure Active Directory, Intune, and Windows Update for Business into a single offering. This allows businesses to take advantage of the power behind Azure Active Directory without having to manage on-premises hardware or software like domain controllers or Configuration Manager.

Enterprise Mobility + Security has the same features as other products such as conditional access, identity protection, device administration, and remote connectivity. The benefits of this software are not just more secure devices, but also increased productivity. Employees can work from home without sacrificing security or causing issues with their company’s data flow. Employees can also more easily collaborate with one another when they are on different devices.

3. Effective and Secure Collaboration

Effective collaboration is the cornerstone of success for every company, and the rapid growth of digital workplaces is making collaboration with colleagues an increasingly complex challenge.

In particular, remote workers or distributed teams, those with offices all over the world, struggle to keep up as employees juggle different time zones, and managers must coordinate with people they never see in person. In this environment, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of who is doing what or which assignments have been completed. With Microsoft Teams, though, remote or distributed collaboration issues are a thing of the past.

As a chat-based workspace in Office 365, Teams is a hub for teamwork in the cloud, with real-time chats, meetings, calls, and file storage centralised all in one place. It promotes organisation, collaboration, productivity, and flexibility for your employees whether they are in the office or not.

Microsoft Teams features are also all about security and privacy. All files are encrypted when they are sent out of your private network – even if you share it outside of your company or organisation with people who don’t have an account with your organisation’s OneDrive service. With Teams, your physical workspace has been securely transported into a virtual space that allows for more flexible work in a highly secure environment.

Modern work just became a whole lot more Microsoft

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more, and that includes your business and team as well. They have gone above and beyond to help businesses adapt to the changing work landscape seamlessly, and they have done it successfully.

If you’re ready to embrace the modern workplace and step into a digital future, do it with INTELLIWORX. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and digital transformation specialist, they can successfully get your business where it needs to go.

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