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Delivering industry specific critical IT services.

Who We Work With?

Our leading-edge technology solutions and experiences are scalable and customisable to your business and industry needs. We understand and have experience in the different compliance, challenges, and regulations that different industries are faced with.

Finance & Insurance Firms

The financial and insurance sectors have high levels of data protection compliance they must meet. And with the continuous new technologies being introduced to the sectors it can be challenging to know which to select.

  • Ensuring compliance with your IT infrastructure, data protection and procedures by achieving complete regulatory fulfilment.
  • Selecting and implementing relevant technologies that work seamlessly and suit your needs and goals.

Healthcare Providers

The health services sector faces many challenges, but these can be easily overcome. We understand the data health protection requirements and remote work challenges and have helped others conquer these hurdles.

  • Enabling you to comply with the relevant health data and security protection requirements.
  • Making remote work easy, effective, and effortless, so you and the business can work from anywhere, anytime.

Not-For-Profit & Charities

The not-for-profit sector can deal with highly sensitive information that needs to comply with data protection requirements, whilst dealing with budget constraints.

  • Ensuring your compliance with data protection regulations and laws for peace of mind.
  • Helping you find the right technology solutions that meet your changing requirements and budget.

Educational Institutions

Educational organisations want flexible and easy to use solutions to their staff and students. But also have government and data protection regulations to comply with. We manage this, take the stress away and deliver solutions that can meet your needs and requirements.

  • Helping you comply with data protection compliance and security needs.
  • Delivering seamless and flexible solutions for staff and students. This can include the Microsoft 365 Suite with Teams and automated device setup.

Other Industries

We also understand and work with other industries including the engineering, development, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors.

  • We listen to the individual needs of each customer and tailor the solution to their needs.
  • Manage their IT infrastructure, cloud services and providing support for their IT needs.
  • Align with our customer’s goals to best meet their IT needs so they can achieve and succeed.
  • Support and supplement their in-house IT team with INTELLIWORX experts.

Services We Provide

INTELLIWORX Managed IT is a leading managed service and cloud provider to medium to large enterprises. Providing comprehensive, flexible, and supportive solutions for business continuity and minimal operational downtime.

Business IT Support

Cyber Security Solutions

Cloud Services

Microsoft Solutions

IT Consulting & Projects

If you’d like to discuss your IT requirements, please give us a call or send us an email today.

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